We offer majors, minors and certificates to boost your career. Pursue a career directly related to a major, or join us in pre-professional studies, such as pre-med, pre-nursing, or pre-law.

Which major fits you best?

FACS programs are accredited, endorsed, or aligned with industry best practices.

What can you do with a FACS degree?

Almost anything! Take a look at Career Outcomes for our college by visiting the UGA Career Center website.

We make UGA affordable

We offer FACS students exclusive scholarships that pay for school and study away opportunities. Qualifiers allow many types of students to get scholarships, such as financial need, merit, and major. Even if you've had trouble academically, last year our GPA range of recipients was from 2.51-4.0.

In 2016:

  • Scholarships - 46 of 53 undergraduates were awarded $122,160 with an average of $1,586
  • Study Away - 16 students were awarded $30,250 ranging from $950-$3,680

We give you a competitive edge in your career

We’ll make sure you get the best training possible. Once you graduate, whether you continue education or go straight into a career, you will have a competitive edge over your peers thanks to these experiential learning opportunities that will make your resumé shine:

The FACS Legislative Aide program puts you into the action: you’ll work with Georgia legislators while earning course credit.

Let FACS become your home away from home

The Bridge is a program that connects new students to people, resources, and opportunities at UGA and within the College of Family and Consumer Sciences.  We help build your bridge to success! 

The FACS Forward Mentor Program connects freshmen and transfer students with upperclassmen. Mentees will find a new "FACS Friend" and mentors will help new students navigate life at UGA while introducing opportunities in FACS.

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