To become a certified CarFit Technician, you must go through a certification course. This course is designed to make learning these skills easy.

Class Info

  • Classes are two days in length
  • Instruction is mixed between traditional lecture and hands-on activities
  • Each class is coupled with a live check event


There are two levels of CarFit certification. GTIPI offers the CarFit Technician level in one, two day, certification course.

  1. The first level of training is as a CarFit Technician. CarFit Technicians are able to:
    • Participate in CarFit events hosted by a CarFit Event Coordinator
    • Cannot host events themselves.
  2. The second level to training is as a CarFit Event Coordinator. Event Coordinators are trained to:
    • Host CarFit events
    • Train CarFit technicians
    • Secure dates and locations for CarFit events
    • Participate in and monitor CarFit events
    • Communicate with the national organizations, AAA, AARP and AOTA. 

Upcoming Trainings


Find a training then register online.

Date Location Time
9/6/17 Rockdale/Conyers 9am-5pm

Event Coordinator

Find a training then register online.

Date Location Time
4/10/17 Rockdale/Conyers 9:30-1pm