If you have already expired, GTIPI offers Renewal Courses in order to get your certification back.

How to Register

  1. Look at Courses below and get the Course ID of a course you can attend.
  2. Visit Safe Kids Worldwide, create a new user profile, then login to that profile.
  3. Open Course Search and enter the Course ID from Step 1.
  4. Reserve a seat. Your place in this course is dependent on approval from the lead instructor, and the timely payment of your course fee to Safe Kids.
  5. Pay your course fee to Safe Kids upon receipt of approval email from GTIPI.

Safe Kids CPS Certification
c/o PES 
475 Riverside Drive, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10115-0089
FAX: (917) 305-9876
Customer Service Line: (877) 366-8154


Date City Course ID
04/25/17 Conyers (GTIPI) GA20160927900