We invite you to join us at the 2017 Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia from October 5-15.

Fair Schedule

  • October 5:    Mosquito control and prevention
  • October 6:    Chemical hazards
  • October 7:    Asthma
  • October 8:    Mold and moisture
  • October 9:    Disaster preparedness
  • October 10:  Healthy indoor air and water
  • October 11:  Preventing lead poisoning
  • October 12:  Food safety
  • October 13:  Pests and pesticide safety
  • October 14:  Recreational water safety
  • October 15:  Everyone deserves a healthy home

Coordinated by the Georgia Healthy Homes Coalition and the Rural Georgia Healthy Housing Advisory Board.

Organizations participating in the fair include:

Learn more about how you can have a healthy homes at www.georgiahealthyhousing.org.

Video: Toxic Look-A-Likes - UGA Greenway

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