Upon completing the Didactic Program in Dietetics, students must complete a dietetic internship to become a registered dietitian.

DI guidelines and documents

These documents will help you as you prepare to apply for a dietetic internship or to take the NDTR exam:

DPD course lists for DICAS applications

NOTE: Choose the list that corresponds to the semester you entered the dietetics major (for most students, this is when you enrolled in FDNS 3600):

FDN dietetics update archive

FDN Dietetics Update: April 2018


  • The document summarizing job postings has been updated. There are several new positions posted, including:
    • Georgia Division of Aging Services Senior Hunger Nutrition Coordinator. Details can be found here. The turnaround is quick - the deadline to apply is 4/10! Feel free to share with anyone who might be interested.
  • What can you do if you don’t plan on pursuing your RDN credential? This document lists some ideas.

Dietetic Internship Application Process

  • For those of you who entered the DI match process, notifications will be shared on Sunday, 4/8. 
  • Some of you will be elated on Sunday, while some of you might be disappointed. I will be sitting by my computer as well holding my breath as I wait to hear from you. Even if your news is not positive, please share with me ASAP if you received/did not receive a match. I can help you with your Plan B if you did not match this time. One of our strategies will be searching the list of DI programs with openings for the 2nd round match, which will be available at 11:00 am CDT, Thursday, 4/12. I have also spoken to a few DI directors in GA who let me know that their programs might have openings following the match, and they have asked me for student recommendations. Bottom line: keep me posted!
  • Several DI programs were shared with me that currently have openings:< >If your students do not match in DICAS, please inform them that they can complete their supervised practice experience and possibly earn a graduate degree at Dominican University. Since we do not participate in the DICAS match, we still have openings for Fall 2018. We have four programs, including a combined MBA and RD program, an ISPP track, a distance ISPP track, and a MS in Nutrition that can be completed along with the ISPP program to complete the supervised practice and be ready to sit for the RD exam. We have a wide variety of clinical, community, food service management, and business rotation sites throughout the Chicagoland area. For more information, contact: Jonathan DelaCruz at jdelacruz@dom.edu or Elisa Fischer at efischer@dom.edu or visit this site.The new Coordinated M.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics Program at Pace University in Pleasantville, NY, is located 35 miles north of New York City. We will be admitting students on a rolling basis effective immediately. We offer students a 2-year Master's degree combined with an internship program, and students will be prepared to sit for the RDN exam upon graduation. Our program has two concentrations: Culinary Nutrition and Food Policy/Justice. However, we welcome students of all interests. Please pass on my contact information to prospective students: Christen Cooper, 917-224-4595, ccoooper3@pace.edu.
  • The Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences School of Health Professions is currently accepting students for Fall 2018 with an application deadline of 4/10/18. Students can upload the required materials at http://gradstudy.rutgers.edu/apply/overview. The program includes both local (New Jersey) and remote tracks (Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Madison, Wisconsin and two locations in central, northeastern Pennsylvania all associated with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs) for clinical clerkships. We will interview qualified candidates as applications come in. If you have any questions, please email Dr. Jennifer Tomesko at ELMSCN@shp.rutgers.edu. More information is here.
  • I saw an uplifting post in the All Access Internships FB group the other day. For those of you waiting for your match results on 4/8, please read this for some valuable perspective smile
    • Hi everyone! I just want to put this out there as match day is coming up: I'm a passive member of this group. I graduated in 2016 with my Nutrition: Dietetics degree. This is my third time applying to internships. (Yes. You read that right. My third.) Over the years, I've learned a few important things about match day and internship matching:
      • This week is going to be killer. Stay focused on small tasks to make the week move by.
      • Find something to do on Sunday. Go to a movie, a show, a fair, a farmers market, something. Get distracted so you forget about what time it is (but set an alarm on your phone). Sunday is a LONG day.
      • Remember that 6pm is in CST, not EST. If you log in early, that extra hour of wait will be excruciating. I've done it. Don't be like me.
      • If you want to know how matching works D&D explains it here: https://www.dnddigital.com/ada/overview.php
      • No matter what happens when you log into D&D on Sunday, everything is going to work out!
      • If you are not matched, it's ok. Take a deep breath. Over 50% of people who apply don't get matched! There are things you can do. Second round matching exists for a reason.
      • AND says that "the supply and demand for Dietetic Internships since 1993, demand for internships rose to a peak in 1997, followed by a downturn that bottomed out in 2001. Since then, the demand has been rising and now exceeds the 1997 high with no significant increase in the number of positions since 2003. As a result, competition for internships is fierce"
      • The lack of internships IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM. Perfectly qualified individuals do not get matched. It happens. Just because you didn't get matched, doesn't mean you aren't a capable, educated, motivated individual. Not being matched is not an attack on you as a person.
      • For those who are matched and unmatched: keep your chin up. Keep moving forward. We learn from every experience: good and bad.
  • SDA News/Events
    • The SDA meeting schedule can be viewed as Events at the bottom of the SDA website
      • The final meeting for this year is a catered event that will be held on Wednesday, 4/18.
      • If you would still like to purchase this year's epic 'WHAT THE KALE' t-shirt, act fast before they sell out! Email Emily Owen at: emily.owen16@uga.edu. The price per t-shirt for SDA members is $8 ($10 for non-members).
    FACS News/Events
    • Did you know that I send out the FDN Kudos Corner emails each week and am an admin on the FDN and FACS Facebook pages? I share news of faculty, staff, and student awards (e.g., Ani Powell, Alec Pienta, and Marina Tandoh are recent award winners), scholarships, publications, fun facts, etc. Please send me news and announcements as you receive them throughout the year, so I can share your accomplishments with our department and college.
    • Speaking of Kudos, many FACS undergraduate students will be presenting at the CURO symposium on 4/9 and 4/10. If you are presenting, please take a photo or two and share these with me. I will post them on the FDN Facebook page/other social media channels.
    Scholarship Opportunities
    • The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation is the largest provider of dietetic scholarships to deserving students at all levels of study, each with a value range of $500 to $10,000. The deadline to apply is 4/23. View more information, here.
    UGA/Arch Ready Events
    • Visit http://career.uga.edu/archready for the schedule. Coming up next week:
      • Career Assessments 101: Interests
      • The Right and Wrong Way to Network
      • Career Assessments 102: Personality
    Nutrition in the News
    • Retail dietitians work with vendors, store marketing departments, government and advocacy organizations and communities to promote and increase consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. A team of Festival Foods dietitians in Wisconsin, who are called the Mealtime Mentors, promote nutrition messages across the company's social media and on television. Read more, here.
    Tip of the Month
    • How to undo an email you have just sent (using gmail): After turning on "Undo Send," you can cancel sending an email if you notice a typo in your message or an error in your recipients line. Below are the steps:
      • In the top right corner in gmail, click the Settings button.
      • In the "Undo Send" section, check the box next to "Enable Undo Send."
      • In the "Send cancellation period" section, set the amount of time you'd like to decide to unsend an email (I set mine to 30 seconds).
      • At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.
      • From now on when you send an email, you'll see the message at the top of your screen, "Your message has been sent," and you will see an option to 'Undo' or 'View message.' If you click away from the window or click 'View message,' this will send your email as is. If you click 'Undo,' this will return your email to editing mode. 
      • This is life changing. Do it smile
    Other News
    • Your classmates Riordan Dail, Melanie Ng, Nick Slagel, Alexis Nosiri, Samantha DeHart, Maleeha Rahim, and Abbie McBrayer, appeared in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics weekly email blast today, Eat Right Weekly, which is sent to all AND members. They're featured in a ~2-minute video about what being 'healthy' means to them. Give them a high five the next time you see them- They're kind of a big deal smile
    Meme of the Month

    An archive of prior FDN Dietetics Update emails can be found at: http://www.fcs.uga.edu/fdn/applying-to-a-di-program. Please let me know at any time if you would like to be removed from these monthly updates, if would like to add a classmate/colleague to this list, if you have specific content you would like me to share, or if you'd like to arrange a meeting with me, etc.

FDN Dietetics Update: March 2018


  • The document summarizing local job postings has been updated. Please share the news with your contacts that there are several new positions available at UGA, including:
    • An RDN counseling position at the University Health Center
    • Research coordinator position in Dr. Lewis’ lab
  • What can you do with your degree in dietetics if you don’t plan on pursuing your RDN credential? This document lists some ideas.

Dietetic Internship Application Process

  • Remember that you have a list of interview questions and tips on the workflow sheet. If you have an interview coming up: 1) TELL ME! and 2) review the section at the bottom of the spring 2018 workflow sheet.
  • Please share news with me if you have requests for interviews, placements in graduate programs, matches or non-matches to DIs, etc. I must keep a thorough record to present to our accreditation agency, but MOST IMPORTANTLY-- I care and want to know smile
  • From 3/26-4/2, DICAS applicants may re-order their rankings in D&D digital.

SDA News/Events

  • SDA meetings scheduled for the spring semester can be viewed as Events at the bottom of the SDA website.
  • SDA is working on a fundraiser that will hopefully be scheduled in late March. Stay tuned for more information!

FACS News/Events

  • The deadline for the 2018-19 FACS Ambassadors applications is 3/7.
  • The deadline for the 2018-19 Peer Nutrition Educator applications is 3/23.
  • The SSAC is seeking interns for summer and fall 2018. The application deadline is 3/23.

Scholarship Opportunities

  • The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation is the largest provider of dietetic scholarships to deserving students at all levels of study, each with a value range of $500 to $10,000. Deadline to apply is 4/23.

Internship/Fellowship Opportunities

  • See this document for a list of internships, fellowships, graduate degree programs, and career opportunities that were recently shared with me. Among those just added:
    • The Food Corps application closes 3/15 (this is a 1-yr paid fellowship)
    • UGA Career Development Internship (this is a paid internship)
    • UGA Center for Leadership and Service internship pays $1,000 (applications are due 3/9)

UGA/Arch Ready Events

  • Webinar: Dealing with Difficult Coworkers, Noon-1:00 p.m. on 3/8: Are work relationships making it hard for you to enjoy your job? A recent Gallup study showed that 62% of participants found that their coworkers cause more stress than their boss. How can you deal with difficult teammates, superiors, even clients? This webinar will teach you how to leverage coaching skills and effective communication skills to enhance your relationship with any coworker or employee, including difficult team/classmates or staff members.

Research Solicitations

  • My name is Mariana and I am a Nutrition Science graduate student at Syracuse University. For my thesis I am exploring dietary habits among Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) students. Participation is completely voluntarily and their responses will be kept confidential. By participating, they will be entered to win one of four $25 Amazon gift cards. I have attached a flyer that further explains details of the study. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you or your DPD students have any questions.

Nutrition in the News

  • For the first time in history, our profession has 100,000 RDNs! See the article, here
  • FDN alumna and Academy president, Donna Martin, responds to Wall Street Journal Op-Ed about giving dietary advice. See the article, here.

Tip of the Month

  • Adding an electronic signature to documents: Some students have asked me how to copy and paste a signature onto a word doc. One way is to sign a piece of white paper, take a photo of it, and save the image to your computer. Then, insert the image and crop/change the color/background as needed. If you use Adobe programs, you can add electronic signatures/stamps using a similar technique. Please let me know if you have questions about this.

Meme of the Month

FDN Dietetics Update: February 2018

Non-RD career paths

  • For students not applying to internships at the moment or are taking some time off before applying, this is a link to a document I created that lists other options you can consider with a dietetics degree.
    • If there are other career opportunities you have come across that I can add to this list, please let me know.

Job posting in Athens-Clarke Co. WIC office

  • Please view this link for a job posting in Clarke County that was just shared with me. Feel free to pass this posting along to anyone you know who might be interested in this position.
    • Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in dietetics ($32,000/yr salary)

DICAS word limit for personal statement

  • DICAS confirmed for me today via email that applicants should adhere to the 1,000 word limit and the 8,000 character limit for personal statements.
    • It's not too late to let me know if you could use help editing your resume/personal statement! Two weeks remain for DICAS applications, but Staci and I are working on these as we speak, and are delighted to help smile

Info about MBA/RD Coordinated Program

  • As far as I know, Dominican University has the only MBA/RD program offered in the US. They do not participate in DICAS.
    • The link on their flyer (attached) didn't work for me, but this one does.

FDN Dietetics Update: January 2018

Dietetic Internship Application Process

Workflow Sheet:

  • Read through the workflow sheet for applying to the spring 2018 match cycle to be sure you are on track! This guide can be found on our website. Of most importance in this stage of your application process are the forms listed on this page, namely:

DI Open House Events:

  • Visit this google doc for an updated list of DI Open House events. The Open Houses for January/February remain on this list, and many are virtual opportunities.

DICAS Workshop Presentations:

  • I missed out on hosting the third and final DICAS Workshop at the SDA meeting on January 17th because of weather ❄. The ppt presentation for Part III is linked below. It's a good idea to review all three DICAS presentations if you have not done so already, and are applying to internships at the moment:


  • See this document for a longer list of Dietetic Internships, Distance DIs, and Master’s Degree program advertisements that were recently shared with me. Among those just added:
    • Puerto Rico Department of Health DI usually receives ~20 applications for a total of 10 spots, so there are good chances for fully bilingual students interested in Community Nutrition to be accepted.
    • The Tri-County Health Department, DI in Greenwood Village, CO, has an early application deadline of February 1, 2018.
    • Boston University’s combined MS+DI program offers qualified students scholarship aid of $10,000. Students are also eligible to apply for federal loans and paid teaching assistant positions.
    • University of Vermont Master of Science in Dietetics coordinated program has a concentration in Community Health and Nutrition. This program does not participate in DICAS, and accepts a separate application (also due Feb 15th).

SDA News/Events

  • I will be at the next meeting if you have questions about the DICAS ppt presentations (or anything else!).
  • SDA meetings scheduled so far for the spring semester can be viewed as Events at the bottom of the SDA website.

FACS News/Events

  • Accelerated MS student Kathryn Kear and MS/DI student Taylor Newman recently moved into roles as UGA student representatives for the Georgia Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' public policy committee. They have provided the following announcement regarding the FACS Day at the Capitol on 2/13/18:
    • Join your fellow FACS students, staff, and faculty for a unique experience at the Georgia State Capitol on Tuesday, February 13th, 2018. Policy affects every area of the dietetics profession, from funding community nutrition programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to determining what clinical services by registered dietitians get reimbursed. This event is a great way to become familiar with the legislative process while enjoying the perks of being a UGA FACS student (like networking with your legislators and other state officials!). Registration for the event opened January 11, 2018. Buses have been reserved to travel to Atlanta. Learn more about the FACS Day at the Capitol at: www.fcs.uga.edu/ssac/fdac. This announcement was also shared on Facebook on 1/9.

Scholarship Opportunities

  • With so many scholarship opportunities, I have created yet another (you guessed it!) google doc. Linked here is a list of scholarship opportunities organized in order of their application deadlines.

Internship/Fellowship and Symposium Opportunities

  • 2018 Summercise Internship Opportunity: A summer program for nutrition and exercise students to help prevent diabetes in Nome, Alaska, May-August, 2018. The Norton Sound Health Corporation CAMP Department is now recruiting for the Summercise Program, and applications are due by February 2, 2018. More information is available at https://www.nortonsoundhealth.org/services/hospital-services/camp/summercise/ Contact: Stephanie Stang, sestang@nshcorp.org, (907)443-8903.
  • The EDRDpro symposium is an online symposium on eating disorders. Students and interns often report wishing they had more knowledge and skills on this topic as they head into the profession. This is such a valuable resource - and one of those conferences you can attend from home and fit sessions into your busy week as you are able. There are so many great speakers this year in the realm of eating disorders, intuitive eating, mindful eating, weight bias, and motivational interviewing. Students can enroll individually for a student rate ($175). There are scholarship opportunities for students to earn free registration. The symposium is March 1st - 4th, but videos can be accessed all year long. This link includes the list of speakers, topics, and rates: https://edrdpro.com/symposium. Email Sumner Brooks directly if you have questions: info@edrdpro.com.  

Employment Opportunities

  • The document summarizing job updates for current students at UGA, and for recent graduates searching for jobs in Athens and beyond, has been updated.

Tip of the Month

Meme of the Month


Reminders: An archive of prior FDN Dietetics Update emails can be found at: http://www.fcs.uga.edu/fdn/applying-to-a-di-program. Please let me know if you would like to be removed from these monthly updates or if you have a preferred email address, if would like to add a classmate/colleague to this list, if you have specific content you would like me to share, or if you'd like to arrange a meeting with me, etc.

FDN Dietetics Update: December 2017

Dietetic Internship Application Process:
  • If you have not read through the workflow sheet for applying to the spring 2018 match cycle, this is your step #1! This guide can be found on our website, here.
  • Visit this google doc for a list of DI Open House events. I organize DI open house events on this list in chronological order, and remove outdated events soon after they occur.

SDA News/Events:

  • Slides presented at the SDA meeting (by Staci Belcher) on 11/15/17 covering our DICAS Workshop Part II are posted here.
  • DICAS Workshop Part I slides that I presented earlier were emailed in my October update, and can also be accessed here.
  • I will host a third and final DICAS Workshop (Part III) at the SDA meeting on January 17th.
  • SDA meetings scheduled so far for the spring semester can be viewed as Events at the bottom of the SDA website.

FACS News/Events:

  • FACS Convocation is almost here! A personal ceremony for graduates of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences will be held on Friday, December 15, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. in Mahler Hall located in the Georgia Center. For information regarding the ceremony please visit the FACS Graduation page, or stop by the Student Success and Advising Center. Registration is required to participate in the FACS Convocation. I will be reading the names of our graduates from the Department of Foods and Nutrition. I am very excited smile

Opportunities for Students to Volunteer/Intern:

  • Please see this message from Kendra Houghton with Athens-Clarke County Wellness: Do you have any students who are interested in teaching Healthy Hour educational sessions for ACC between January and June? I am looking for sessions on the following topics, and sessions may be done by Powerpoint, interactive activity, or whatever style the presenter prefers. We often hold sessions at lunchtime on Wednesdays, but we offer so many classes that many end up falling on other days of the week as well. I'd be willing to book sessions on whatever day of the week worked for the interested student. Can you take a look at the below, spread the word, and have any interested students reach out to me? I'm hoping to have our entire program schedule finalized and promoted before Christmas. Please remind students that I love working with them, our employees thrive on these classes and come super interested and engaged, and that these sessions have served as effective internship hours for dietetic interns for many years! I serve as a great option for recommendation letter writing once I've worked with a student. Contact: Ms. Houghton at <Kendra.Houghton@athensclarkecounty.com>
    • February: What promotes and what hinders healthy digestion?:  probiotics, prebiotics, Kombucha, Kefir, fiber, etc.; also discuss what hinders digestion (certain types of foods, over-intake of certain things, lack of exercise, dehydration, medications, etc.)
    • March: Healthy lymphatic system: healthy ways of supporting your lymphatic system to promote clear passageways, elimination of toxins and disease, carrying of white blood cells, etc.
    • May: Food-brain connection: how does your eating/drinking affect your mental capacity/capability/etc.?
    • June: Toxin reducing eating/drinking habits
  • Please see this message from Abbie King, Farm to School Coordinator with Georgia Organics: If you know of any undergraduate or masters-level nutrition students interested in internships with local school nutrition departments please let me know. A few of the counties surrounding Athens have mentioned that they are interested in interns for farm to school activities (taste tests, promoting local foods, etc.) and similar projects. They prefer individuals who have availability during spring and/or fall. Contact: Abbie King, RD, (404) 481-5017, Abbie@georgiaorganics.org.
Below are copied and pasted solicitations from emails I have received:
  • The International Food Information Council (IFIC) is now accepting applications for the 2018 Sylvia Rowe Fellowship Award. This award was established as a tribute to the former IFIC and IFIC Foundation President & CEO, Sylvia B. Rowe, to help promising nutrition and food safety communicators enhance their capabilities. The Sylvia Rowe Fellowship Award aims to support these individuals in further developing skills in the area of nutrition, food production and food safety communication. The recipient will be awarded an 8–12 week paid internship ($600 per/week) at the IFIC/IFIC Foundation offices in Washington, DC. The internship needs to be completed by the end of 2018. For more information about the Sylvia Rowe Fellowship, visit http://www.foodinsight.org/pages/2018-sylvia-rowe-fellowship or contact Tamika Sims at sims@ific.org.
  • The GAFCS Board is reminding student members and their advisors that the deadline for submitting applications for the new $1,500 Coveris Undergraduate Scholarship and $500 Graduate Scholarship has been extended to December 20, 2017. Please remember you need to be an AAFCS/GAFCS student member to apply. If your dues have lapsed or you need to join, do so soon to qualify for a scholarship!
  • South Dakota State University offers an MS in Nutrition and Exercise Science + supervised practice completed in 22 months. Extended track of 33 months is available dependent on research. The NDI participates in the D&D Spring Computer Match. Contact: Becky Jensen, 605-688-6619, becky.jensen@sdstate.edu or visit their website and/or Facebook page (Emails and phone calls are welcome. Private tours can be arranged upon request).
    • Community or Sports Nutrition study tracks
    • Transdisciplinary Obesity Prevention graduate certificate completion; dependent on study track
    • Affordable in-state and out of state tuition rates
    • Lower cost of living compared to many larger cities
    • Potential for graduate assistantships and tuition remission the first year; dependent on availability
    • Experienced and dedicated preceptors in a variety of management, clinical and community settings
    • Community concentration with unique rotation opportunities in retail grocery stores, WIC, Department of Health, schools, SDSU Extension and Indian Health Services
    • Media training, farm tours, interprofessional simulations, legislative advocacy meetings and attendance at the annual SDAND Conference
    • Rotation sites located by program director, tailored to meet interests and priorities of the intern
    • Pocket guides and other tools provided at no additional cost for clinical rotations
    • RD exam preparation practice tests and study guides provided at no additional cost
    • Job seeking and placement assistance
Employment Opportunities:
  • The document summarizing job updates in Athens and beyond has been updated, and now includes undergraduate/graduate student worker positions advertised at UGA.
Tip of the Month:
  • Advanced writing tips! I have created a google doc that I will keep updated with tips to help you prepare outstanding personal statements, resumes, cover letters, etc. Please take a moment to review these tips as you are editing your application materials. Staci Belcher and I are available to edit your personal statements and resumes, so please send your materials to us! Warning: We do make some hefty edits, but we want your materials to shine and represent your strengths to the committee reviewing them. Please let me know if we can help you. In addition, we highly recommend that you make an appointment with Brittany Smith, FACS Career Consultant, if you have not done so already.
Meme of the Month:

Reminder: Please let me know if you would like to be removed from these monthly updates or if you have a preferred email address, if would like to add a classmate/colleague to this list, if you have specific content you would like me to share, or if you'd like to arrange a meeting with me, etc.

FDN Dietetics Update: November 2017

Dietetic Internship Application Process:

  • Reminder: The Applicant Guide to Supervised Practice 2017-2018 file is NEW! I added this file to your workflow sheets, and it links to an 800+ page document. The Applicant Guide lists every accredited DI program in the United States, what programs look for when selecting interns, how many students apply, if they participate in DICAS or another selection process, tuition costs, etc. This is a very valuable document, so I want to be sure you’re accessing it!
  • Reminder: Be sure and view the list of links I have in the workflow sheets regarding scholarship opportunities. Please let me know if I can provide a recommendation letter for you, or help you with editing your application packet. FACS is currently advertising several scholarship opportunities! All FACS majors have access to these scholarships. Applications opened November 1, 2017, and will close March 23, 2018. Award notifications are made in May 2018.
  • Reminder: Visit this Google Doc for a current list of Open House events! This is a list prepared by me that I continually update. I list the DI open house events on this document in chronological order, and remove outdated events soon after they occur.

SDA News/Events:

  • The Student Dietetic Association’s next meeting is TONIGHT, Wednesday, November 15th, at 5:00 p.m. in Dawson Hall Room 116. Both Taylor Newman and Staci Belcher will be speaking. Staci is a recent graduate of UGA’s MS/DI program, and will be delivering Part II of my DICAS application process workshop (this presentation includes: ordering transcripts, fees to expect with applications, declaration of intent, DICAS instructions, D&D Digital, preparing for interviews, and preparing for a Plan B if a match does not occur). So, if you're applying for internships, you'll want to come and hear what she has to say! Taylor, one of UGA's Amazing Students, is a current MS/DI student with a passion for nutrition policy. She completed an internship at the White House under the Obama administration in Spring 2016 in the Office of Presidential Correspondence, and even got to meet former President Barack Obama! You'll definitely want to be there to hear her story! Snacks will be provided.

FACS News/Events:

  • If you are planning to study abroad on a FACS study away program, you should consider applying for a 2018 Study Away Scholarship. The deadline to apply is JANUARY 26, 2018.

Below are copied and pasted solicitations from emails I have revived.

  • Do you have qualified students who failed to match this cycle? If so, would you please invite them to contact me? The Keith & Associates Distance Dietetic Internship Program still has openings for the class starting January 8. To evaluate applicants we use a rubric including their grades, experience and references. We also give an online aptitude test that is structured like the RD exam with 25% Domain I, 40% Domain II, 21% Domain III and 14% Domain IV. While this is not a validated exam, the test has inspired us to offer internship positions to some students who had less than stellar grades but who we felt had potential to do well and pass the RD exam. This was our first time to go through first round match and I would appreciate your help in making our new program that was accredited in March, 2017 known to your students. Thank you! Patti Landers, PhD, RDN, LD, FAND, Program Director, Keith & Associates Distance Dietetic Internship, 115 W. 3rd Street, Suite 800, Tulsa, OK 74103, Phone: 918-574-8598, FAX: 918-575-3047, www.kaddi-internship.com, KADDI@consultingdietitians.com.
  • Work with Extension agents across the state to see firsthand how the organization serves Georgia. Get hands-on experience in the field and office and, whenever possible, be matched with an agent in your preferred county or region. Students currently enrolled at any college or university in an undergraduate or graduate program are eligible. Graduates may also apply for an internship during the semester immediately following graduation. A select number of paid internships are offered each semester, so be sure to apply early for full consideration. If you’re also looking for class credit, it’s up to you to work with the internship coordinator in your department to arrange for college credit. Visit this site for more information about volunteer and internship opportunities. We’re looking for people with:
    • interest in pursuing a career with Extension.
    • desire to serve others and a genuine interest in people.
    • ability to lead, teach, motivate, and communicate effectively.
    • motivation to continue learning and growing professionally.
    • desire to work as part of a team.
  • Who’s Leading the Leading Health Indicators? Webinar: Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity! Join us on Thursday, November 16 at 12:00 p.m. ET to learn about progress made toward achieving the Healthy People 2020 Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity Leading Health Indicators. You’ll also hear how the Delaware Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Obesity Prevention Program uses a public health approach to address the role of physical activity and nutrition in improving health and preventing chronic diseases for all Delawareans.
  • Applications for the National Student Exchange program are now being accepted for the 2018-2019 academic year! This opportunity empowers students to take new courses, see new places, and make friends at one of nearly 200 NSE member institutions across the country. The deadline for the application is February 1, 2018. For more information or to access the application, please visit our Involvement Network webpage or email Eric Sneeden.  As the winter months get closer, many students are looking for opportunities over their holiday breaks. The Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC) has an exciting international volunteer opportunity in locations throughout Latin America as well as India, Uganda, and the Philippines for students interested in medicine, public health, and international development. When students volunteer with us they  gain valuable experience through interactions with international communities while engaging in hands on health education and clinical care activities. With our flexible programs, students can choose which site they want to volunteer at as well as their dates, allowing students to schedule trips to fit their needs. More information on our volunteer programs can be found Here,  and I've attached more information on the locations of our programs below. Volunteers participating in our programs interact with communities and healthcare systems vastly different from our own, allowing them to grow personally and professionally by broadening their worldview and gaining cultural competency experience.I believe this is an  important opportunity for your students and hope you will pass this information onto them. I am always available by email or phone to answer any questions about our programs. Logan Stiegman, Global Health Volunteer Program Manager, Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children, 1518 Walnut Street, Suite 1504, Philadelphia, PA 19102 Web: www.fimrc.org, Office: 888.211.8575.
Dietetics Alumni Corner:
  • A regular feature you will see included in these emails is a section geared toward job updates in Athens and beyond. Included are helpful employment resources that are specific to UGA and the state of GA, but you can tweak these tips to suit your geographic area. Current students, you should keep an eye on this list as well to see the types of jobs and opportunities that are available in our field.

Tip of the Month:

  • I encourage you to use quality adjectives and strong verbs when writing your personal statements/job cover letters/letters of application for grad school, etc. Some 'banned words' (not my favorite term, but you get the idea wink include: see/saw, say/said, get/got, like/love, nice/great, go/went, make/made, pretty/very, think/thought, eat/ate, big/small, good/bad, and fun. I am working on a list of other advanced writing tips that I will include in December's update, but I wanted to share a few examples for strengthening your grammar as you begin preparing your statements. Some adjectives you could use to replace the 'banned words' above are linked here.

Meme of the Month:

Reminder: Please let me know if you would like to be removed from these monthly updates or if you have a preferred email address, if would like to add a classmate/colleague to this list, or if you have specific content you would like me to share, or if you'd like to arrange a meeting with me, etc.

FDN Dietetics Update: October 2017

A Message for Students who are New to the Dietetics Major:

  • Do you know freshmen or rising sophomores or juniors who would like to start on the path to becoming an RDN, but are not quite ready to begin the Dietetic Internship application process? If so, please share this link with them. I will keep it fresh with ideas, but included so far are some tips that will be helpful to students who are new to our major. Please email me if you have ideas you think I should add to this. Your input would be sincerely appreciated!

Dietetics Alumni Corner: You have completed your dietetic internship. Now what?

  • A new feature you will see included in these emails is a section geared toward job updates in Athens and beyond. Included are helpful employment resources that are specific to UGA and the state of GA, but you can tweak these tips to suit your geographic area. Current students, you should keep an eye on this list as well to see the types of jobs and opportunities that are available in the field.

SDA News/Events:

  • On 10/4/17, I participated in the DICAS workshop organized by SDA, and presented these slides covering resume building and crafting a terrific personal statement. During the next workshop, I will review the next phase of the DICAS application: Transcripts, Fees, Declaration of Intent, DICAS instructions (with screen shots), D&D Digital, Preparing for Interviews, and Preparing for a Plan B. The date for my next workshop is TBD- stay tuned!
  • Check the SDA web page for a schedule of upcoming meetings and events (located at the bottom of the page). This schedule is updated as soon as speakers are confirmed. The next meeting is scheduled for 11/1/17.
Updates to the Dietetic Internship Application Process Guidelines/Workflow Sheets:
  • The Spring and Fall application guidelines/tip sheets have been updated on the website. Please check this site to view.
    • I have added the *new/updated* version of the Applicant Guide to supervised practice programs for 2017-2018. The link is HERE. This link has also been updated on the workflow sheets.
    • Note the section toward the bottom of the workflow sheets re: taking the NDTR certification as an alternate or delayed plan to applying for dietetic internships.
    • Be sure and view the list of links I added regarding scholarship opportunities. There are so many opportunities – try and apply to as many as your schedule allows! Please let me know if I can provide a recommendation letter for you, or help you with editing your application packet. In my experience, once students are successful in obtaining a scholarship or award, their confidence grows and they find that applying for these becomes easier each time. In fact, FACS is currently advertising several scholarship opportunities! All FACS majors have access to these scholarships. Applications open November 1, 2017, and close March 23, 2018. Award notifications are made in May 2018. 
    • Now that some of you have submitted your fall DICAS applications, you may be asked to come in (or Skype/call in) for an interview. There are many websites and blogs dedicated to preparing you for an interview. Brush up on possible internship questions listed at the bottom of this email (these links are also included in the workflow sheets).
Dietetic Internship Information:
DI Student Fair and Workshop for students attending FNCE® DI Open House Events
  • Distance Internship: The Utah State University Distance Dietetic Internship Open House is currently available at this link. The USU DI is participating in the Spring 2018 match and will be filling 60 spots. The USU DI offers flexibility in schedules and locations, financial aid is available, and all interns will earn 26 graduate credits that transfer directly to USU's online Master of Dietetics Administration Program. Contact: Nicole Vance, dieteticinternship.usu.edu, 385-646-5570
  • Visit this Google Doc for a list of many more Open House events! This is a list prepared by me that I will continually update. I have listed the DI open house events on this list in chronological order.
Special Focus: Internships with an emphasis on sustainable agriculture
  • Stony Brook University will be offering a MS concentration in Sustainable Food Systems and Health starting Fall 2018. Interns work on their rooftop farm during their Public Health rotation. Information regarding the MS concentration will be on their website by Spring 2018. Contact: Josephine Connolly-Schoonen
  • The Keene State College Dietetic Internship (KSC DI) in Keene, NH, has an emphasis on Community Nutrition, Education, and Wellness. Every intern participates in a 3-week (72hr) Food Systems and Sustainability rotation and a 3-week (72hr) Food Insecurity rotation. Contact: Whitney Hightower, 603-358-2971, whitney.hightower@keene.edu
  • Montana State University offers a DI program with a concentration in Sustainable Food Systems through the lens of rural community nutrition. The program utilizes a 3-acre student teaching farm on campus, Towne’s Harvest Garden. The internship program involves 3 core weeks of building a sustainable food systems foundation, with tours, speakers, and experiential learning, and then applying that knowledge to projects such as developing and leading farm-to-clinician interprofessional education workshops focused on culinary medicine for medical students. In addition, interns have a variety of rotation opportunities with food system and nutrition focused grassroots non-profit organizations, progressive food banks, and institutional food service operations. Contact: Anna Diffenderfer, anna.diffenderfer@montana.edu
  • The University of Northern Colorado's Nutrition and Dietetics Program offers two online Master's Degrees. The first is a Master's Degree for individuals who are already Registered Dietitian Nutritionists. The second is a Master's Degree/Dietetic Internship for individuals who desire to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and complete a Master's Degree. Contact: Janice Riegel, janice.riegel@unco.edu
  • The Physical Activity & Health Research Laboratory (PAHRL), Department of Kinesiology, at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is seeking motivated doctoral students to focus on academic and research efforts promoting physically active lifestyles to both prevent and manage disease across the lifespan. The PAHRL's expertise has attracted research funding in the areas of physical activity assessment, obesity assessment and prevention, physical activity and health promotion, and physical activity community-based participatory research in aging. The PAHRL currently has 12 month 50% Doctoral Research Assistantships available and 9 month 50% Teaching Assistantships available, including competitive stipend and support for tuition and health benefits. Application deadline for Fall 2018 admission is January 12th 2018. Interested students are encouraged to contact either Dr(s) Scott Strath (sstrath@uwm.edu) or Ann Swartz (aswartz@uwm.edu) for further information.
  • The 2018 Georgia Nutrition Council Conference is scheduled for February 28 – March 2, 2018 at the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force, Pooler, GA. The conference theme is “Eat to Win!” You are invited to submit a proposal to present at the conference. For guidelines and questions, email Barbara Collins at barbaranell56@gmail.com.
  • The Student Services Coordinator for the Weight Management DPG sent this message to me: I am requesting that you connect me with a student whom you identify as a leader in your dietetic program. The WM DPG is focused on becoming the indispensable resource for dietetic professionals working in weight management. One of our greatest benefits is the ability to join our Coaching, Bariatric, and Pediatric Weight Management Subunits and their EMLs. This is great way for students to become a part of conversations with professionals working with real life issues and sharing expertise from across the country. Students also have the opportunity to be featured in the newsletter through our Student Spotlight and Student's Corner. For all members, we offer a number of stipends to attend FNCE, Symposium, PPW, and other meetings–with separate drawings for students. Our website, www.wmdpg.org, contains links to this information and more resources. Contact: Mary-Catherine “Katie” Perry, (302) 358-9841
  • Dr. Jamie Cooper’s Human Nutrition Lab in the UGA Department of Foods and Nutrition Seeks: Men and women between ages 18-45 years, with a normal body weight. We are looking at the effects of pecans in a breakfast muffin on markers of health. This study requires a total of 3 visits, with 2 of these visits being testing visits. At the testing visits, you will be provided with breakfast and it requires 5 blood draws. What’s in it for you? In addition to monetary compensation (study pays up to $50 for complete participation), you will also learn your body weight, height, and blood pressure. Can you stop participating after you start? Yes, you may refuse or cease your participation at any time during the study. Contact: Alex Marquardt, alexismarquardt@uga.edu.
Tip of the Month: Meme of the Month:
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Reminder: Please let me know if you would like to be removed from these monthly updates or if you have a preferred email address, if would like to add a classmate/colleague to this list, if you have specific content you would like me to share, if you have questions, or if you'd like to arrange a meeting with me, etc.

FDN Dietetics Update: September 2017

Dietetic Internship Application Process workflow sheets:
  • The Spring and Fall application guidelines/tip sheets have been updated and posted on the website. Please check this site to view. Here you will find electronic versions of the printed document that was handed out at the Student Dietetic Association (SDA) meeting in early September (for Spring 2018 match). If you have questions about this process, please let me know! I will be reviewing additional details about preparing dietetic internship applications at the SDA meeting on 10/4/17.
SDA News/Events:
  • For those of you not yet a member of our SDA, please check the web page for a schedule of upcoming events (located at the bottom of the page). This schedule is updated as soon as speakers are confirmed. If you have questions about SDA or would like to get involved, please email SDA President, Ayshia Ranjitsingh <ranjitsingh@uga.edu>.
Dietetic Internship Information:
  • The University of Georgia Graduate Program/Dietetic Internship will be hosting an Open House on Friday, October 6th from 1:30-5:00 in Rm 216 Dawson Hall. Please RSVP by October 1st to Donna Holcomb (dholcomb@uga.edu).
  • Georgia State University is hosting a virtual open house for their graduate programs October 3rd, 2017 at 3PM EST. Please pass along to students with or without a DPD who might be interested. RSVP to snhp.gsu.edu/gradschoolopenhouse. Contact: Jessica Todd, MS, RD, LD; jjohnson22@gsu.edu
  • Augusta University will be hosting a Dietetic Internship Open House on November 11th. Interested students are required to register online. Additional information is available at this link. Contact: Judith Anglin, Ph.D., R.D.N., L.D.
  • The Medical University of South Carolina would like to invite all students pursuing a stand alone, non-credit, full-time internship the opportunity to attend an Open House on Monday, Dec 18, 2017 from 9 am to 1:15 pm. Potential applicants will meet the director, current interns, and preceptors. Open House attendees will also tour campus, enjoy lunch, and learn about the curriculum. MUSC offers a concentration in clinical MNT (n=8) or in community nutrition promotion (n=4). They boast a 98% first-time RD exam pass rate over the past 5 years. Regardless of the concentration, they can offer rotations in unique, high demand areas, such as sports nutrition, culinary nutrition, and research methodology depending on student interests. Their program is also exploring a joint master's degree track/DI track for the 2019-2020 years and beyond. The deadline for the Open House is Dec 11, 2017. Students can register at this site. If unable to attend in person, this session will be recorded and posted at the site above by Dec 22, 2017. The director can also meet interested applicants by appointment (phone, Skype/Facetime, in-person) upon request at martinkl@musc.edu with 2 weeks notice. Also see the main MUSC webpage. Contact: Kelley Martin. MPH, RDN, LD, MUSC Dietetic Internship Director
  • The Department of State Hospitals, Atascadero Dietetic Internship Program (DSH-A DI) has recently received candidacy status from ACEND for a new Dietetic Internship with a concentration in Mental Health Nutrition. The DI website is located at this link. Contact: Rachael.Drake@dsh.ca.gov or 805-468-2502
  • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Coordinated Program (MPH/RD) welcomes prospective graduate students to meet with faculty, staff, and students during Open House on Friday, October 6, 8:30 am – 2 pm. This event will be held in the UNC Gilllings School of Global Public Health in Armfield Atrium, 473 S Columbia St, Chapel Hill, NC 27514. Contact: Elizabeth Jenks
  • The Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) Department of Nutrition will host a virtual open house on Thursday, October 5th at 7:00 PM ET for three internships: the CWRU MS in Public Health Nutrition Dietetic Internship, the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center Dietetic Internship, and the University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center Dietetic Internship. Interested students may participate via WebEx using this link. When logging in, students should select "Call Me" under "Select Audio Connection." Registration is not necessary to participate. For students unable to attend, a recording will be posted on each program's website after the session. Please contact Tamara Randall tammy.randall@case.edu with questions.
  • The Lipscomb University Dietetic Internship in Nashville, TN, now has registration available for on-campus open houses: see this link. Students may register online by clicking the purple OPEN HOUSE button, as well as view a VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE by clicking the purple "VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE" button on the same page. They also welcome individual appointments if these dates do not work. OPEN HOUSE DATES are below. Contact: Anne Lowery, Director, Anne.Lowery@lipscomb.edu
    • Friday, October 6, 2017  3:00-5:00 pm CST
    • Friday, November 17, 2017  10:00am - 12:00 pm CST
    • Friday, December 8, 2017  2:00 - 4:00 pm CST
    • Friday, January 12, 2018  2:00 - 4:00 pm CST
  • The Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center Dietetic Internship will be hosting an open house on Friday October 20, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm. The event will be held at the VA hospital in room 6B-184. Additional information will be provided to those who RSVP. Students may RSVP via this link. For more information regarding the MEDVAMC program, students can visit this link. Contact: Kristy R. Becker, MS, RDN, LD, CNSC, VHA-CM, Director, Dietetic Internship Program, Kristy.becker2@va.gov; 713-791-1414 x25290
  • Be Well Solutions has recently received candidacy status as a distance dietetic internship with an emphasis in corporate wellness and health promotion. This program will be participating in both the fall and the spring matches moving forward. Visit bwsdi.com. Contact: Susan Yarus-Meisel, smeisel@bewellsolutions.com
  • Win a $20 Amazon Gift Card! Participate in a Research Study on Dietetics Students
    • Dear Student, You are invited to participate in a research study consisting of an online questionnaire on food waste and dietetics students. Participation in this survey is voluntary and answers will be kept completely confidential and anonymous. If you choose to participate, the questionnaire will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. You have the option to start the questionnaire and complete it in a different session. Upon completion of the survey, you will be given the option to enter a drawing for a $20 Amazon gift card. The winner will be drawn after the survey period closes. I hope that this research will strengthen dietetic programs nationwide. To access the questionnaire, please click on this link. If you have any questions about this survey/research, feel free to contact the primary researcher, Michelle Stone, Dietetic Intern, Masters in Dietetics Student at Sam Houston State University: mes078@shsu.edu. Also, questions/concerns about the research and your rights as a participant may be directed to: Sam Houston State Institutional Review Board (IRB), ATTN: Sharla Miles, 2405 Avenue I, Suite E, Box 2448, Huntsville, TX 77341-2448, (936) 294-4875, irb@shsu.edu
  • The DTR Study Buddy review manual for the DTR exam is updated to meet the 2017 CDR revised test standards.
    • DTR Study Buddy is the only comprehensive review manual available on the market. In addition to the 105 pages of review materials, the manual comes with a 60 day access code for two online 100 question test banks designed to mimic the DTR exam. The manual is the perfect answer to your pass rate improvement plan and a great way for your DPD graduates to add a credential to their internship application. Order online at www.dtrstudybuddy.com
Meme of the Month: