The School Nutrition Director Certification Program (SNDCP) is designed for individuals who are employed as School Nutrition Directors or Coordinators.

This is a graduate-level certification program.  We do not grant a degree or certificate upon completion of the program.  Students completing the program requirements are recommended for certification to the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC). The GaPSC awards the School Nutrition Director certificate. The program requires 24 hours of courses in nutrition, nutrition education, school nutrition program management, human resources, leadership and research methods. Other requirements include ServSafe® Food Safety and Food Allergen Certifications and completion of a 500-hour field experience, met via concurrent employment.  A Master's degree in a closely related field from any GaPSC-approved accredited institution is also required before being recommended for certification.  

The Department of Foods and Nutrition does not offer an online Master’s degree.  For information about online Master’s programs at UGA visit UGA’s Online Graduate Degree Programs page.  The online MEd in Adult Education and the online MEd in Human Resources and Organizational Management (HROD) are options which can be used to meet the Master's degree requirement.