Research Training

Research training spans the basic, clinical, and applied sciences.  Research experiences, courses, internships, certificates, and certifications prepare students for careers in:

  • academia
  • industry
  • government
  • hospitals
  • long-term care
  • public health
  • schools
  • wellness programs

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Interdisciplinary Education

Our faculty and students have interdisciplinary perspectives involving:

  • obesity
  • dietetics
  • genetics
  • children
  • clinical
  • phytochemicals
  • sports
  • public health
  • regenerative medicine

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Classroom + Online Education

Courses are offered in traditional classroom settings and a growing number of courses and programs are offered in online and distance education formats.  The School Nutrition Director Certification Program is fully online.

Financial Aid

More than 90% of our full-time graduate students are awarded financial aid and work alongside our faculty conducting research, providing nutrition interventions in community settings, and teaching undergraduate courses.

Featured Alumni:
Marie Spano

Marie Spano

Marie Spano helps athletes fuel their bodies for optimum performance.

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