Below are the possible practicum sites for FDNS 5800 or FDNS 5910.

FDNS 5910 Foods and Nutrition Internship

In Athens

DO NOT contact the Athens preceptors directly. Once you have completed the advisement checklist and you are approved for a practicum, you will be asked to provide a list of preferred practicum sites.

St. Mary’s Hospital

  • 1-2 students accepted per semester
  • Work with clinical inpatient dietitian (1 student)
  • Work with diabetes education dietitian (1 student)
  • In the summer, only diabetes education is available

Athens Regional Medical Center

  • 2 students accepter per semester
  • Work with clinical dietitian (1 student)
  • Work with diabetes educator (1 student)
  • In the summer, only diabetes education is available

Landmark Hospital

  • 1 student per semester
  • Work with clinical dietitian
  • This site is not available in the summer

Cooperative Extension Program

  • 1-2 students per semester
  • Work with state and local level cooperative extension agents to plan and deliver nutrition programs, write articles and pamphlets for public

Public Health Nutrition

  • 1 student per semester
  • Work with dietitians and health educators to plan and deliver nutrition programs and observe client counseling in WIC and other clinics

Sports Nutrition at UGA

  • 1-2 students per semester
  • Review educational materials on sports nutrition, observe nutrition counseling sessions, observe/participate in team presentations, contribute to the Sports Nutrition Newsletter, help develop educational materials, help with bone density/body composition scans, and supermarket shopping tours (You must have already volunteered (i.e. with no course credit) to be considered for a sports nutrition practicum)

Out of the Area

Work with a registered and licensed dietitian elsewhere

  • You must get permission from the registered dietitian to do a practicum experience, and the facility must also agree to allow the practicum
  • You will be asked to  provide the name, address, email and phone number of the dietitian you plan to work with after your advisement checklist is submitted and you are invited to complete the Request for Practicum Site
  • Your course instructor will communicate with the registered dietitian concerning the practicum requirements

FDNS 5800 Dietetics Practicum

Peer Nutrition Educator (PNE) Program with University Health Service

Before you are eligible to apply for this program, you must attend a class in the Summer semester, and conduct programs during the Fall and Spring semesters
Students who are interested in participating in the program must complete an online application (this includes the PNE application as well as the faculty recommendation form)
Additional information about the PNE program can be found here or here
Call or email PNE instructors, Ms. Whitni McConnell (2-8690; or Katherine Ingerson (2-7313;, if you have questions