Internships allow qualified students to apply classroom experiences to real life and "try on" various careers. In today's competitive job market, many employers require work experience. Opportunities range from food service to consumer research to consumer education.

Foods and Nutrition Education

Foods and nutrition consumer education is the career goal of many Consumer Foods majors. Interns work with both children and adults. Target audiences are diverse and include low-income consumers, low-literacy individuals, college students and the general public. Locations range from urban Atlanta to rural Georgia.

Recent sites include UGA Cooperative Extension Services, UGA Health Services, and the FACS Office of Communications.

Food Service

Food service internships are popular with our culinary arts oriented students. Sites range from small local bakeries to international corporations. Several recent graduates used their Consumer Foods degrees as a stepping stone to specialized degrees in Culinary Arts-where they completed an accelerated program. Many large food service corporations require an undergraduate as well as culinary arts degree for career advancement.

Recent sites include Marriot, Inc. and Radisson Hotels, Inc., both international companies; and Jennings Mill Country Club, a local food service operation.

Research/Product Development

Several interns have been active members of USDA research teams, developing research protocols and collecting and analyzing data. Sensory evaluation plays a major role in these experiences. Interns assist with training and administering descriptive sensory panels. Other Consumer Foods interns have completed sensory research and marketing internships in the private sector, where they have been involved in product and brand development efforts.

These sites include Peryam and Knoll, a sensory research marketing firm and Chik-Fil-A brand development, a fast-food chicken enterprise.

Publix Visiting Practitioner Program

Established in 1999 with a donation from Publix Supermarket Charities, this program affords students an excellent opportunity to interact formally and informally with practicing professionals. These professionals bring the “real world” to campus, enhancing student awareness of various sectors of the foods and nutrition world as well as the workplace skills needed for professional success.

Culinary Arts Cooperative Program

Food service oriented students can easily combine their UGA Consumer Foods degree with their love of Culinary Arts. A cooperative program has been established with The Art Institute of Atlanta. Students who have earned a bachelor’s degree in Consumer Foods can transfer credit and complete a degree in Culinary Arts in one year without the hassle of placement tests and course equivalency evaluations. This Culinary Arts program is accredited by the American Culinary Federation.