Video: Say Yes to FCS!

Professional Development Opportunities

Georgia Association of Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences

GATFACS 2018, January 25-27, Atlanta


 Building Baby's Brain: Brain Basics, Leigh Anne Aaron, Morgan/Oconee FACS Agent.

 Put it Up!Kristen Sumpter, Fulton County FACS Agent and Alexis Roberts, Bartow County FACS Agent.

Connect with UGA, Michael Rupured, Tanacia Blackwell, Laurie Murrah-Hanson, and Carin Booth.

Say Yes to UGA FACS, Tanacia Blackwell


Standard 1: Teaching Job Skills in the Classroom, Laurie Murrah-Hanson, Fulton County 4-H/Youth Development Agent.

Food Preservation in the FACS Classroom, Carin Booth, Hall County FACS Agent.

Taste is Everything, or is it? Using Sensory Science in the Classroom, Ginnefer Cox, Ph.D., RDN; Assistant Professor, Foods and Nutrition, UGA


Nutrition and Cardiovascular Disease, Roxie Price, Tift County FACS Agent

Evaluation- CVD presentation 2018 GATFACS

What's for Dinner? Freezer Meals for Busy Families, Susan Culpepper, Douglas County FACS Agent

Go Green, Get Clean: Make and Take Workshop,  Kristen Sumpter, Fulton County FACS Agent, and Keishon Thomas, Bibb County FACS Agent. (Presenters request a cap of 40 participants.)


Looking Beyond the Triangle Test: Sensory Testing in the Classroom, Ginnefer Cox, Ph.D., RDN; Assistant Professor, Foods and Nutrition, UGA