Century Club members gave $50-$249 in fiscal year 2016*.

Marie (Bahnsen) Abercrombie

Jennifer (Hardigree) Allen and John Allen

Maurizio Ambrosini

Judith Angel


Carter and Susan Askren

Jan (Taylor) and Al Baggarly

Claudette Bailey

Stephanie Bailey

Betty Jane (Evans) and Ralph Baird

Dr. Diane Bales

Helen Barrett

Mariana Battista

Dr. Ileana Arias and Dr. Steve Beach

Andrew Beggs

Judy (Burnett) and Dr. Bob Beightol

Marcia (Winn) Bell

Ginny (Lyman) Benedict

Sabrina (Webb) and Dennis Bennett

Myrna (Weatherford) and Foy Bentley

Angie (Logan) and Mason Bentley

Dr. Tom and Mary Berry

Gloria (Conner) and Dan Berry

Dr. Joseph and Mary Berry

Dr. Sunny Bhat

Marie (Shirley) and Frederick Binder

Jenna (Williams) and Clanton Black

Sandra (Strohbehn) and Steve Blake

Rosemary Blieszner

Sandy (NeSmith) and Fredrick Bostelman

Erin (Gilbert) Bounds

Dr. Brenda Boyd and Robert Brown

Carol (Ash) and Larry Bradley

Tracey Brigman

Carter Broun

Sue (Anthony) Brown

Kay (Kilgore) and Alan Brown

Brenda (Dorrell) and Carl Bryant

Heather Cadle

Jeanette (Loughridge) and Rodger Cadwell

Dr. Janice (Tuck) Callaway

Emily Cardillo

Suzanne Carter

Mary Beth (Jordan) and Tom Cary

Cassy Young and Dr. Jeff Sherman

Joanne Cavis

Susan (Jones) and Joe Chapman

Dr. Swarn Chatterjee

Gwyn (Brown) Chesnut

LaVonne (Aspinwall) Childers

Cindy and Dr. Roger Boerma

Bunny (Heyward) Clarke

Dr. Dianne Cleveland

Wynn and Connie Cline

Linda Clofine LCSW, Inc.

Betsy (McBride) Clymer

Ewan Cobran

Cynthia Cochran

Jane (Seymour) and George Coker

Dot (Tappan) and Wendy Cofer

Margaret Connolly

Charlotte (Gaulding) Cook

Phyllis (Rene) Cooke

Susan (Green) Crawford

Barbara (Hunnicutt) and Dr. Victor Crosby

Dr. Cathy Crowell

Dr. Kathy (Wigington) and Bruce Culpepper

Amy Taylor

Patty (Robins) and Thomas Dailey

Judy (Clark) Darby

Jamila Davis

Harriette (Peavy) and Dr. Calvin Davis

Matt and John Dixon

Lynne (Fraker) and Jeff Dodson

Julie (Brewer) and Rick Dreger

Mary (Elder) and Duane Davis

Brenda (Hardigree) and Bill Dupre

Janice (Petty) Edwards

Ellen Bargeron Therapy, LLC

Jeff and Jeanne (Herman) Ellinport

Bill Elliott and Phillipa Shoffner

Sammy and Ann Elliott

Betsy and Dr. Mark Ellison

Brenda (Townsend) Elrod

Dr. John and Emily Grable

Paris Epps

Neal and Susan (Neal) Estroff

Anne (Harper) and Robert Ethier

Taylor K. Evans

Karen Fallin and Bryant Wilson

Kristi (Hughes) and Keith Farner

Grace (Bratton) Finch

Missy (Brill) and LCDR Gary Fletcher

Vicki and Dr. Joe Gaines

Katie (Barksdale) and Thomas Garrett

Alaina Garrett

Nadine (Brown) and Jack Gary

Brian and Jenny Gaston

Dr. Sidney A. Gates

Rebeca and Kenneth Gilbert

GMG Counseling, LLC

Lauren (Ellerbee) and Josh Goodman

Trina (Pittman) and Tom Graham

Jessie (Brinson) and Tom Greene

Drs. Barbara (Mullen) and Gary Grossman

Ashlie (Chegwidden) Grubb

Kathy (Meredith) and Col. John Samuel Harp, Ret.

Virginia (Thomas) and Scott Hart

Jayne and Dr. Douglas Henson

Dr. Wookjae Heo and Jung Hyun Choi

Lucy (Field) and Fred Herren

Matthew and Melanie (Haley) Hinton

Jan Hirsh

Martha (Lynch) and Robert Hohl

Abigail S. Holbrook, MSW, LCSW, LLC

Andrea (Axelson) and Donny Howard

Alice (Griffin) and Gene Howard

Ann (Cliett) Howell

Thomas N. Howell, D.Min.,LMFT, Inc

Danneel Hubbell

Sandra (Dean) and Carter Hudson

Nancy (Purcell) Hyte

Connie Lee and Martha Ivester

Mary Clo Jackson

Mr. William C. Jackson

Shannon Jarrott

Lisa (Gipson) and Jeremy Jarvis

Diane (Futch) and Darryl Johnson

Sharon (Bays) and Dr. Greg Johnson

Dixie (Brown) and Bill Johnston

Mary Jane (Keener) and William Jones

Gene and Angela (Forrester) Jones

Stacy (Bishop) and David Jones

Lenore (Levey) and Joel Katz

Amy (McMichael) Kay

Bill Kearney

Jane Kilgo

Dr. Maureen (Reed) and Tom Killeen

Clay and Deborah (Hydrick) Kirkland

Phyllis (Corker) Kiser

Cynthia (Tretter) and Jeff Klein

Kathryn Kneisel

Josephine Kwon

Laura Latham

Karen (Wilson) and Dr. Earl Lavender

Nancy (Kittles) and Brian Leach

Sara Leikin

Carolyn Leitner

Joel Levy

Dr. Linda (Perry) and Harry Pritchett

Liz (Lloyd) Lohse

Shirley (Skinner) and Dr. Ben Lowery

Jennifer Lu

Dr. Julia (McDonald) Lucas

Katheryne Lynch

Robyn (Buttram) Maehlman

Leigh Ellen Watts-Magness and Jordan Magness

Diane and Doug Magnus

Michele Malone

Ann (Garrard) Mansur

Judy (Painter) Marchman

June Martin

Linda (Anderson) and Peter Marziliano

Sherrill (Petty) and Dr. Mike Mason

Genie (Wilkes) and Ken Massingale

Katherine May

Jane (McKinney) and Alan Mazza

MaryAnne (Leake) and Dr. Bill McDaniel

Barbara (Terrell) and Dr. Tom McDonald

Nancy McDuff and Dr. David Harvey

Steve and Martha McFerron

Carol (Stroud) and Guy McGiboney

Elaine McGinty

Rebecca McKemie

Ina (Phillips) McMeekin

Dr. Patricia (Connell) and Mr. Ted McWhorter

Cathy and Eric Meister

Cherie (Cole) Miller

Lana Mitchell

Michael Brian and Christina (Hanson) Mitchell

William and Cynthia Mitchell

Jane (Rodgers) and Charles Moore

Sandra (Crawford) and Brad Moretz

Tommie (Guess) and Norris Mullis

Michelle (Delong) Myers

Nancy and Joel Seymour

Dawn (Lavender) and Mike Newsome

Kate (Callaway) Nicholson

Jason Norton

Becky (Williams) and Keith Odom

Jackie (Embler) and Gary Ogden

Catie (Walker) and T.J. O'Neal

Dr. Assaf Oshri

Diane Pajak

Rita (Cleveland) and Bill Palmer

Preston Pannell

Dr. Bill and Linda Pannell

Judy Pannell

Lisa (Grimes) and Pat Patton

Jonathan Payne

Susan (Anderson) and Jerry Payne

Carole (King) and James L. Pearman

Rachael (Prince) and William Peek

Bill Pennington

Fran (Gay) Perrault

Susan (Hubbell) and Gary Perry

The Pink Flamingo LLC, Owner Cherish Pinson

Jane (Randolph) amd Lamar Preston

Lynn (Gamble) and Dr. Ed Price

Dianne (Gray) and William Pugh

Pure Counseling LLC

Drs. Sally (Nohlgreen) and Don Randall

Laura Randall

Cathy (Sparks) and Wayne Randall

Teresa (Campbell) and Randy Kittle

Carol (Hawkins) and Warren A. Reddish

Annie Reece

Julia Reed

Genelda (Moseley) Reese

Judy (Norton) and Robert Reid

Linda (Langford) Reynolds

Mario Richards

Elizabeth (Hatton) Roper

Rachel (Alexander) and Eric Rothberg

Carrie Rowell

Eleanor (Amos) and Ray Schaltenbrand

Leslie Schwartz

Debbie (Tomberlin) and Mark Seymour

April and Wesley Shaw

Dr. Karen Roberto and Dr. Steven Sheetz

Sheffield Counseling Inc.

Sydney (Cohn) and Jeff Shellebarger

Dr. Gayle Spears and Mr. Steve Shewmaker

Ann (Wier) Shumpert

Savannah Smith

Phyllis Smith

Jim and Fran (Duggan) Sommerville

Anne and James Sorensen

Glenda (Cearley) and Terry Sosebee

Judy (Crowe) and James Spalding

Joye (Hood) and Mack Spates

Rhonda Sward and Raymond Spedding

Mike Sporakowski

Squier Consulting, LLC

Heather Stark

Lynne Stiles

Alison (Daves) Stokes

Susan (Turner) and William Stroud

Jane Stuart

Margaret Sullivan

Susan Allen Booth LLC

Cathleen Sweeney

Leolene (Montgomery) and Dr. Ben Tate

Melissa (Greenfield) and Josh Temkin

Meredith (Gurley) and Terrell Johnson

Laura (Key) and Frank Thompson

Brenda Thompson

Barbara (Riley) and John Timmons

Barbara (Jones) and Gerald Torbert

Jessica Tripp

Michelle (Smith) Vinson

Dr. Jody Clay-Warner and Dr. Lee Warner

Dr. Aidan and Kimberly (Kersey) Wasley

Lynn Watson and Dr. James M. Watson

Mary Elizabeth Hart-Watson and James J. Watson

Dana Carlyle-Wehner and Ulrich Wehner

Dr. Charles E. Welch III and Mrs. Gloria J. Welch

Annice Whatley

Jessica Wheatley

Laura (Binkley) and David White

Dr. Kandauda Wickrama

Blake Williams

Julie (Jenkins) Wilson

Cathie (Robinson) and Tom Wilson

Sandra (Miller) and Don Wims

Deborah (Burgess) and Bill Wise

Asha Wise

Elaine (Shellhouse) Wright

Jean Wright and Barbara Gifford

Brooke (Garrett) and Chris Wright

John Wright

Angela (Green) Yarman

* Fiscal year 2016 ran from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016.