Our students work in communities across Georgia and beyond, doing parent education, planning programs for youth, working in hospitals with sick children, and helping families make choices that improve their lives.

Shaping Healthy Families

Students who complete one of our graduate degrees change the discipline. They are employed in colleges and universities, hospitals, government agencies, research institutes, and in mental health settings. They conduct original research that shapes what we know about families; research that is applied to ways of helping families.

Learning that Comes Alive

You will learn about useful ways to think about families and their experiences. As an undergraduate, you will complete an Applied Internship and/or a Research Internship. Internships often lead to job offers. Your classes have Service Learning components, which gets you into community settings and gives you experience relevant to your future. As a graduate student you will be involved in faculty research, and will learn competencies enabling you to become a key contributor. 

Solutions for Improving Lives

Study topics that are significant and that will strengthen individuals, families, and communities. The strengths of our program are in the areas of translational research which brings the best practices of research into communities and families.  Our engagement in communities through service learning and internships helps you understand human development in context.