Through university, state, and county collaborations, we create and evaluate programs that help individuals develop the skills needed to form and sustain healthy couple relationships.

Informed by research and best practices of family life education, we:

  • Empower professionals to integrate relationship and marriage education into existing services and programs for youth, adults, and families.
  • Help adolescents understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy romantic relationship and steps to developing safe and stable future relationships.
  • Elevate the quality of couple relationships to foster family stability and promote positive outcomes for children.

Funding Sources

  • Administration on Children, Youth and Families Children’s Bureau (2008-2014)
  • UGA Vice President for Research (2010)
  • Georgia Department of Community Affairs (2008)
  • UGA Vice President for Public Service and Outreach  (2007-2008)

Sample of Outreach Evaluation Reports

Sample of Outreach Publications