What can't you do with Human Development and Family Science? A major in Human Development and Family Science provides you with knowledge of individual, family and community development in diverse settings. Our students are interested in pursuing careers in Prevention/Intervention, Healthcare, and Education.

You will learn about

  • Lifespan and family development
  • The reciprocal influence of social, cultural, and historical contexts
  • Diverse family structures and functions

You will learn how to

  • Think critically and apply theory, research, and ethical practices
  • Generate and effectively communicate knowledge
  • Provide educational, counseling, and advocacy services needed for children and families to function more effectively


The General HDFS Track can be combined with a Psychology major. Courses include:

You may alternatively specialize your learning by taking courses specifically designed for:

Experiential Learning

As an HDFS major you're required to complete an internship so you can get work experience, which sets you above the competition when looking for a job. You also have options for Education Abroad and Service Learning. 

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