A minor in Human Development and Family Science provides you with knowledge of key concepts underlying individual and family development across the life cycle that will complement your degree.

Who is minoring in HDFS?

Students across campus find our curriculum complementary to their major focus, including:

  • Education
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Social Work
  • Criminal Justice
  • Communication Studies

I am interested in people. Relating to them, understanding their past history, and connecting with them on a deeper level. And this need to want to dive inward, connect farther, guided me towards adding a HDFS minor to my Communications Studies / Theatre double major. (A mouthful, I know. Ha!) But here's the deal- I want to work in the entertainment industry after graduation as a performer, but I want to address things in my performances that are gunna stick with people.- mean something to them, you know? I want to relate to the hard stuff you have gone through that nobody knows about, your innermost desires, and have us both be surprised when we discover that we aren't so different after all. That's the real fun stuff in my opinion. I refused to narrow my talents and instead, chose to expand upon them. That is the reason I added my HDFS minor. Jesslyn Rollins, Class of 2015

Required Coursework

  • HDFS 2100 - Introduction to the Family
  • HDFS 2200 - Introduction to Lifespan Development ORHDFS 2950 - Child Development
  • HDFS 3930 - Intimate Relationships
  • HDFS 4870 - Human Sexuality across the Lifespan

You get to select 1 Elective from one of our content areas. Here are some suggested options based on your major.


  • HDFS 5130 - Therapeutic Benefits of Play
  • HDFS 4860 - Parent Education and Child Guidance



Social Work

  • HDFS 4330 -  Diversity in Human Development and Family Systems
  • HDFS 4880 - Family Life Education Methodology

Criminal Justice

Communication Studies

Please note that substitutions will not be granted for required or elective courses. Directed Studies (HDFS 3010) will not count towards your minor coursework.