Gain core knowledge about individuals and families throughout their lifespan. These majors empower you to become educators, leaders, and professionals.

You can combine your major in HDFS with other fields (Psychology, Public Health, Early Childhood, or Sociology) to earn two degrees!


Earn hands-on experience beyond the classroom through domestic or international study programs, internships, research or service-learning. This experiential learning gives you the edge over competitors when you apply for a job or pursue graduate school.

As an HDFS Major, you are required to complete an internship so you can apply your knowledge and specialize your learning.


Our minors  provide you with knowledge of key concepts underlying individual and family development across the life cycle.

What can I do with a degree in HDFS?

National Council on Family Relations Careers in Family Science Infographic

What can't you do with a degree in HDFS?

Learn more about employment opportunities and our graduates through the UGA Career Center HDFS Career Guide and the Career Center Outcome Survey.

You can find relevant jobs on The National Council on Family Relations Jobs Center, or use their Careers in Family Science Infographic and Student Resources as you think about your career options.

Where do I start?

Many of our courses have the following prerequisites:

Want to teach?

FACS Education enables you to prepare middle and high school students for careers in Family and Consumer Sciences.

Want your own business?

If you're interested in opening your own nonprofit to help the community, childcare facility, or therapy clinic, supplement your HDFS degree with an Entrepreneurship Certificate.

Student Organizations

  1. Human Development and Family Science Association
  2. Human Development and Family Science Book Club


Declare your major, minor, or learn how to make an advising appointment by going to the Student Success and Advising Center in 112 Dawson Hall.

picture of Julie PattersonIf your last name is from A-L
or you intend to pursue Child Life,
see Julie Patterson.

picture of Ahmaud TempletonIf your last name is from M-Z,
see Ahmaud Templeton.

Directed Study

Do you want to specialize your learning through a directed study? Here are the steps:

  1. Talk to a faculty member about opportunities to learn more about a specific topic
  2. Meet with your advisor
  3. Complete the 3010 Agreement Form

All HDFS students working with HDFS faculty must fill out the 3010 Agreement Form.