We use a content management system, Expression Engine, to power the FACS website. Expression Engine enables you to manage powerful web pages through a user-friendly web interface.

Getting Started

  1. Request Expression Engine access from Jimmy Hansen.
  2. Read Writing for the Web.
  3. Read Expression Engine Basics.
  4. Make a list of edits if you want to edit existing pages, or a draft of your site organization if you want to create new pages. Email this to Jimmy Hansen. Jimmy will show you how to do this in Expression Engine.

Advanced Edits

Expression Engine allows you to make text edits, which are most edits you'll need to do, to the website. However, when something more advanced is needed, feel free to contact Jimmy Hansen or Casey Gordon. If your request is urgent or you're unsure of whom to contact, contact them both

Please be courteous:

  • Include the URL(s) of the page(s) you're referencing
  • Don't forward a long email chain, expecting them to read the whole thing and figure out what they're supposed to do. You may forward an email chain, but also:
    1. State clearly what you'd like done
    2. Indicate the specific email(s) to read
  • If referencing a previous email, quote the email

Expression Engine Top Tasks

Expression Engine doesn't work with Internet Explorer. Use FireFox or Chrome.

How do I find an entry?

Upon logging in, look under "Modify or Delete" and click Entry (screenshot). This brings up a search box. Start typing the title of your page to find it. You can alternatively go to Content > Edit > (channel) or Taxonomy > (channel) for a tree view, but the easiest is using the search. 

How do I make a link?

Select your link text then click the Link icon (looks like a chain). After that, use the dialog to make your link. The most common uses are:

Link to a web page in this website by changing Link Type to Site Page, then selecting your entry. Entries are sorted by channel. Click the Site Page dropdown then type the first letter of your channel to quickly see its entries.

Link to a document on your computer by clicking the Browse Server button, then the Upload File button at the top right.

The text formatting is messed up. How do I fix it?

Select your text then click the Remove Format icon (looks like Tx). After that, it still might look big like a heading; the first dropdown box would indicate this if this were the case. Change that box to "Normal" to remove the heading.

If that doesn't work, you can click Source (last button) and it would look something like <tag>your text</tag>.  Remove the <tag>your text</tag> portion, then click Source again to see if it worked.See Removing Styles for more.