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Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors

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Graduate Teaching Assitant

Topic: Study of Micro Algae-Synthesized Biodegradable Polyesters (Polyhydroxyalkanoates)


          Polyhydroxyalkanoates are a family of linear biodegradable thermoplastic polyesters that are usually synthesized in nature by bacterial fermentation. In the current study the Acetyl –CoA pathway that is responsible for production of PHAs, is proposed to be explored in selected microalgal species for inducing production of Polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB). The extracted microalgal PHB will be studied for it physicochemical characteristics and applied in the biomedical-textiles field.  

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Huipu Gao
Graduate assistant

Smart textile

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Lilia Gomez-Lanier
Assistant Professor

My current research pertains to the following areas:

1. Built environment and its influence on elderly housing and healthcare.

2. Built environments and cultural symbolism and expression

3. Influence that stress may have on the creative process and student learning

4. Creativity and collaborative teams 

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Patricia Hunt-Hurst
Associate Dean for Academic Programs

My current research examines women's fashions during the 20th century and focuses on body exposure and college dress and fashion. 

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Natasha Lee
Diversity Fellow


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Briana Martinez

My current research focuses on consumer behavior and mobile applications within the fashion industry.

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Laura McAndrews
Assistant Professor

My current research program focuses on the supply chain members and how they work and relate to each other within an apparel organization. I believe in investigating the human dynamics of supply chain members working in the global apparel supply chain. The clothing and textile industry has been characterized a hyper-dynamic with high competition over scarce resource in a turbulent environment. This creates a very stressful and tense work environment for supply chain members. Because of the hyper-dynamic environment, organizations may lack the time or resources for offering career development and management training for employees. I believe in a mixed methods approach to research people and the apparel supply chain with linking quantifiable numbers to enriched statements, which have to potential to impact human resource departments and academic units. 

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Katalin Medvedev
Associate Professor

My ongoing research interests focus on the construction and expression of cultural identity through dress, gender and the politics of dress, fashion and empowerment, fashion peripheries, and fashion and sustainability. My current project is co-editing a book titled Dress and Empowerment for Bloomsbury Publishing.

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Jenni Morgan
Graduate Student/Teaching Assistant

Past research includes the relationship between music, dance and dress in the Caribbean. This includes during the celebration known as Carnival.

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C Morgan
Masters Student Graduate Teaching Assistant

I am currently resarching conductive natural fibers, nanomaterials, novel spinning techniques, and synthetic tissue scaffolds.

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Monica Sklar
Assistant Professor & Liaison to the Historic Clothing and Textiles Collection

Currently I am studying subcultural retail history in the United States from multiple angles including the consumer's experience, the retailer's perspective, the retail space as related to niche identitiy and community development, and the relationship of subcuture to the concept of the fashion cycle. I am also working on an extensive archival project about the history of the uniforms (costumes) of the record label Motown in the 1960s-70s, and additionally I am engaged in a collaborative project on conections of feminist writings of the 1950s-70s with appearance. 

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