Named for the first dean of our college, this award recognizes a current or retired faculty or staff member who has provided leadership in motivating and guiding students.

Tracey Brigman

Tracey Brigman

For more than 10 years, Tracey Brigman has been teaching FACS students and guiding them on their paths to success. 

“Tracey is a devoted teacher who goes the second mile to ensure that all of her students complete the course with a ‘working knowledge’ of the material,” said Lynn Bailey, professor and head of the FACS department of foods and nutrition.

Brigman teaches a heavy course load with four traditional courses and one online course, as well as serving as a faculty advisor and mentor for dietetic and consumer foods majors. 

Brigman works closely with students, developing a genuine bond and getting to know them on a personal level. One way she is able to achieve this level of connection is through smaller and more intimate labs. 

“In class, I only get to view their test and project scores and interact with a few students who sit in the front row,” Brigman said. “In lab, as I talk to them and get to know more about each student: what their aspirations are, what their school and community involvement is, and where they come from.”

As a result of being such an important advisor and mentor for so many students, Brigman is asked to write anywhere from 50-60 letters of recommendation each year for students applying for dietetic internships, graduate schools, FACS Ambassadors, Peer Nutrition Educators, study abroad programs and scholarship applications.

“She always says ‘yes’ and devotes a tremendous amount of time to writing very insightful letters that have greatly enhanced the application packets of our students applying for internships,” Bailey said.

Even though Brigman dedicates so much of her time to guiding her students, she is still actively pursuing a doctorate in UGA’s College of Education. 

“Tracey’s teaching skills are exemplary,” said Barbara Grossman, director of the FACS dietetic internship program. “She utilizes multimedia approaches to present material, and engages student with projects, in-class activities and guest speakers, even in the larger classes.”

Brigman’s teaching has impacted so many students in FACS and has helped them to go out into the world as successful practitioners in their professions.

“Working in education is my dream job,” Brigman said. “Working in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences is euphoria.”