The ASPIRE Lab is a collaborative and cutting-edge lab engaging in innovative primary and secondary research and promoting integrated holistic wellness theories, inquiries, and interventions.

Current Study

The Use of the Working Alliance Inventory in Financial Planner-Client Relationships 

  • Primary Investigator: Jennifer Gonyea, PhD
  • Co-Primary Investigators: Megan Ford, MS and Christine Hargrove, MS


Grable, J. E., Archuleta, K. L., Ford, M. R., Kruger, M., Gale, J., & Goetz, J. (2020). The moderating effect of generalized anxiety and financial knowledge on financial management behaviors. Contemporary Family Therapy, 42(1), 15-24.

Ford, M. R., Ellis, É. M., Goetz, J., Archuleta, K. L., Gale, J. E., Grossman, B., Grant, E., & Gonyea, J. (2020). Depression and financial distress in a clinical population: The value of interdisciplinary services and training. Contemporary Family Therapy, 42(1), 5-14.

Research Team

Megan Ford, Ph.D.

Megan Ford, Ph.D.

Clinic Coordinator

Christine Hargrove

Christine Hargrove

Ph.D. Student, Lab Member

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