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The ASPIRE Clinic is now accepting applications for Summer 2022 only.


The ASPIRE Clinic Internship

The ASPIRE Clinic internship experience is open to 2nd, 3rd, & 4th year UGA undergraduate students looking for personal and professional development & who have an interest in career fields such as marriage and family therapy, counseling, psychology, social work, public health, extension, or human services. Interns will learn about therapy careers, gain knowledge and professional experience related to holistic health in a unique clinical setting, and will assist in ASPIRE outreach efforts. The internship involves working collaboratively with ASPIRE's staff & teams and requires late afternoon and evening shifts. The internship involves working collaboratively with ASPIRE staff and team members. We look for interns who exude a positive attitude, an independent spirit, and a high level of maturity and dependability. A semester-long commitment (at minimum) is required. Other requirements include a 3.0 GPA.

General Responsibilities: Interns at the ASPIRE Clinic help with a variety of tasks including: basic office administrative support; clinic upkeep & tidying; organization & filing; community outreach, including planning & executing outreach workshops, presentations, events, and materials; marketing and social media assistance; and completing readings and a reflection paper. As part of the internship experience, interns also have the opportunity to participate in a weekly Ph.D.-level marriage and family therapy practicum (3 hours) & on therapy observation teams (note that this is an official course, which may or may not conflict with an intern's scheduled coursework during the semester of internship).

Two Pathways

There are two involvement options students can select based on their educational goals and course-specific needs for a professional development internship, Option A or B.

Involvement Option A: ~10 hour/week requirement; approved for UGA EL (experiential learning) credit*, or student can elect for no credit (volunteer)


Involvement Option B: 6 credit hours (~16/hours week) in HDFS 5910**

*The ASPIRE Clinic internship is an approved experiential learning (EL) internship for students in the College of Education, College of Arts & Sciences, and in the College of Family & Consumer Sciences. You must inform the Coordinator of your desire for this internship to count for EL credit before you begin the internship.

**If you are an Human Development and Family Science (HDFS) major in the College of Family & Consumer Sciences, the ASPIRE Clinic is a site for 6 hours of 5910 internship course credit (no 9 credit options available). Please consult your academic adviser or internship course faculty to learn more.


Option A applications are considered and interviews are scheduled on a rolling basis. All internship positions for each semester are open until filled.

If you intend to pursue Option B above (HDFS 5910), please check with us or your HDFS 5910 instructor about when your application must be submitted for Summer 2022 consideration.

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