• Carolyn Ainslie

    Carolyn Ainslie

  • Jeanie Doss Allen

    Jeanie Doss Allen

  • Elizabeth Andress

    Elizabeth Andress

  • Patti Annis

    Patti Annis

  • Cliff Baile

    Cliff Baile *

  • Stella Williams Bailey

    Stella Williams Bailey

  • Wanda Barrs

    Wanda Barrs

  • Carolyn Berdanier

    Carolyn Berdanier

  • Jenna Black

    Jenna Black

  • Emily Blalock

    Emily Blalock

  • José Blanco

    José Blanco

  • Judy Bland

    Judy Bland

  • Don Bower

    Don Bower

  • Katrina Bowers

    Katrina Bowers

  • Wayne Brantley

    Wayne Brantley

  • Fan Brooke

    Fan Brooke *

  • Susan Brooks

    Susan Brooks

  • Zena Costa Brown

    Zena Costa Brown *

  • Tom Cochran

    Tom Cochran

  • Harrileen Jones Conner

    Harrileen Jones Conner

  • Caree Cotwright

    Caree Cotwright

  • Connie Crawley

    Connie Crawley

  • Aleene Cross

    Aleene Cross *

  • Brenda Cude

    Brenda Cude

  • Leslie Younts Curl

    Leslie Younts Curl

  • Ilene Dailey

    Ilene Dailey

  • Thomas Davis

    Thomas Davis

  • Kelly Dean

    Kelly Dean

  • Bill Elliott

    Bill Elliott

  • Dick Endsley

    Dick Endsley *

  • Nolan Etters

    Nolan Etters *

  • Betty Etters

    Betty Etters *

  • Joan Fischer

    Joan Fischer

  • Megan Ford

    Megan Ford

  • Linda Kirk Fox

    Linda Kirk Fox

  • Jerry Gale

    Jerry Gale

  • Charlie Gilbert

    Charlie Gilbert

  • Tammy Gilland

    Tammy Gilland

  • Joseph Goetz

    Joseph Goetz

  • Jennifer Gonyea

    Jennifer Gonyea

  • Beverly Gray

    Beverly Gray

  • Art Grider

    Art Grider

  • Barbara Grossman

    Barbara Grossman

  • Earl & Anne Haltiwanger

    Earl & Anne Haltiwanger

  • Chuck Halverson

    Chuck Halverson

  • Doe Harden

    Doe Harden *

  • Ian Hardin

    Ian Hardin

  • Tonya Renee Harris

    Tonya Renee Harris

  • Judy Harrison

    Judy Harrison

  • Grace Hartley

    Grace Hartley *

  • Jan Hathcote

    Jan Hathcote

  • Judy Hibbs

    Judy Hibbs

  • Louise Hill

    Louise Hill

  • Patricia Hunt-Hurst

    Patricia Hunt-Hurst

  • Kenneth Ivory

    Kenneth Ivory

  • Lisa Gipson Jarvis

    Lisa Gipson Jarvis

  • Mary Ann Johnson

    Mary Ann Johnson

  • Laura Dunn Jolly

    Laura Dunn Jolly

  • Lenna Gertrude Judd

    Lenna Gertrude Judd *

  • Camille Kesler

    Camille Kesler

  • Melissa Landers-Potts

    Melissa Landers-Potts

  • Richard Lewis

    Richard Lewis

  • Daisey Lewis

    Daisey Lewis *

  • Charlotte Lucas

    Charlotte Lucas

  • Winnie Luffman

    Winnie Luffman *

  • Esther Maddux

    Esther Maddux

  • Sara Marcketti

    Sara Marcketti

  • Donna Martin

    Donna Martin

  • Dawn Brown Martin

    Dawn Brown Martin

  • Clair McClure

    Clair McClure

  • Tommie Mullis

    Tommie Mullis

  • Rebecca Mullis

    Rebecca Mullis

  • Emmie Nelson

    Emmie Nelson *

  • Sharon Nickols-Richardson

    Sharon Nickols-Richardson

  • Claudia Noell

    Claudia Noell

  • Lance Palmer

    Lance Palmer

  • Kathy Palmer

    Kathy Palmer

  • Terry Perenich

    Terry Perenich

  • Bonnie Stephens Petersen

    Bonnie Stephens Petersen

  • Debbie Phillips

    Debbie Phillips

  • Cherish Pinson

    Cherish Pinson

  • Marilyn Poole

    Marilyn Poole

  • Sharon Price

    Sharon Price

  • Betty Ragland

    Betty Ragland

  • Connie Rash

    Connie Rash

  • Jane Rhoden

    Jane Rhoden *

  • Tom Rodgers

    Tom Rodgers

  • Ava Rodgers

    Ava Rodgers *

  • Cara Winston Simmons

    Cara Winston Simmons

  • Edie Smith

    Edie Smith

  • Vera W. Stewart

    Vera W. Stewart

  • Daniel Stewart

    Daniel Stewart

  • Lynda Cowart Talmadge

    Lynda Cowart Talmadge

  • John Taylor

    John Taylor

  • Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson

  • Nayda Torres

    Nayda Torres

  • Ginger Vickery

    Ginger Vickery

  • Kathy Wages

    Kathy Wages *

  • Charlotte Wallinga

    Charlotte Wallinga

  • Lynda Walters

    Lynda Walters

  • Hines Ward

    Hines Ward

* Indicates FACS 100 Honoree was honored posthumously.

FACS 100 Centennial Honoree Selection and Criteria

Honorees were chosen by a committee made up of faculty, staff, alumni, students and college leadership after an open nominations process in advance of the college's centennial celebration in 2018.

All alumni, former and current faculty and staff members, friends and donors were eligible for this recognition, and deserving individuals could have been honored posthumously.