1. Child development programs

    Courses in Family Life and Child Development included:

    • Development of the Young
    • Child Care and Training Behavior
    • Problems in Children
    • Economic Problems of the Family
  2. Dawson Hall

    In the midst of the Great Depression and economic reforms, a new three-story brick building is constructed for the School of Home Economics. The building is named Dawson Hall in honor of William Terrell Dawson.

  3. Home management houses

    The first home management house is built with funds provided by the Works Progress Administration to give students hands-on research and study opportunities. A second home management house is built in 1934, and two more are added in 1940 along with a Child Development Lab. The home management residence requirement was discontinued in 1986 so that emphasis in household management courses could be placed on concepts instead of performance and repetitive tasks.

  4. College mergers

    The Division of Home Economics and the Department of Home Economics at the Georgia State Teachers' College were merged into the University of Georgia School of Home Economics.

  5. Home Economics Extension

    Home Economics Extension programs are widespread throughout the state, including 72 white and 19 African-American home demonstration agents.

  6. Enrollment growth

    Despite the harsh economic realities, enrollment in the School of Home Economics is now at 299 students in 1933. By 1940, the number grows to 430 students.

  7. Faculty leadership

    Two faculty members, Edith V. Creswell and Matilda Callaway, leave their positions to lead home economics departments at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in Tifton and Valdosta State College, respectively.

  8. Works Progress Administration

    The School felt it could no longer support the nursery school due to the economic depression. Fortunately, funds for the nursery school program were made available through the federal government's Works Progress Administration, known as the WPA program.

  9. Nursery School director

    Margaret McPhaul is named director of the Nursery School.

  10. Nursing shortage

    Due to a shortage of nurses, a foods and nutrition course was revised to including information on home nursing, mirroring courses offered by the Red Cross

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