1. Pauline Wilson becomes dean

    Pauline Park Wilson is named dean of the School of Home Economics after Creswell retires from administrative duties. Instructional faculty in the school consists of 21 members.

  2. Family Development established

    The Family Development department is established. Courses in experimental foods reflect the trend toward prepared foods and the availability of modern kitchen appliances.

  3. Establishment of infant lab

    The infant laboratory is established as part of the UGA Nursery School. Family and Child Development major added

  4. Extension agents

    Board of Regents grants extension agents faculty status

  5. Majors increased

    The school's majors offerings increases from six to nine: clothing and textiles, dietetics and institution management, experimental foods, family development, home demonstration, home economics education, housing and management, nutrition, and general home economics.

  6. Creswell Research Fund

    The Creswell Research Fund is established in honor of Mary Creswell and provides faculty grants, graduate research funding and funding for equipment used in research by the school.

  7. Dean Maude Pye Hood

    Maude Pye Hood is named dean

  8. Mary Speirs becomes dean

    Mary Speirs is named dean and would serve in this role for 17 years, overseeing the expansion of Dawson Hall as well as numerous research programs.

  9. Enrollment down

    Enrollment in the school is at 219 students in 1954, down from a high of 424 in 1941.

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