1. FACS name change

    After much debate, the name of the college is changed to the College of Family and Consumer Sciences, effective July 1, to better reflect the field of study.

  2. Marriage and Family Therapy program

    The Marriage and Family Therapy post-graduate program is established.

  3. Dean Pou retires

    Dean Emily Quinn Pou retires after serving for 20 years. Sharon Nickols is named dean later that year.

  4. Convocation

    College holds its first convocation ceremony.

  5. Development Director

    The college creates its first Director of Development position. FACS graduate Katrina Bowers holds the position from 1996-2011.

  6. Bill Flatt joins FACS

    Bill Flatt steps down as dean of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and joins the faculty of the FACS department of Foods and Nutrition. He goes on to establish three endowed scholarships, faculty and staff awards, and two endowed professorships.

  7. FACS launches its first website

  8. Better Brains for Babies

    Better Brains for Babies, a collaboration of state and local organizations dedicated to promoting awareness and education about healthy brain development in infants, is established and led by FACS Extension faculty.

  9. Enrollment growth

    Male enrollment in the college reaches 27 percent. Overall enrollment hits 1,706 students.

  10. Georgia Initiative for Community Housing

    The Georgia Initiative for Community Housing (GICH) is launched to help communities improve the quality of life and economic vitality through the development of locally-based housing and revitalization strategies.

  11. Family Financial Planning program

    The Family Financial Planning program is established.

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