1. ASPIRE Clinic

    The McPhaul Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic is renamed the ASPIRE Clinic, which stands for Acquiring Strategies for Personal Improvement and Relationship Enhancement. The clinic uses interdisciplinary research, teaching and service to help participants lead fulfilling and healthy lives.

  2. Linda Kirk Fox

    Linda Kirk Fox is named the seventh dean of the college.

  3. Diversity Plan

    FACS begins developing "Diversity and Inclusion – A FACS Plan for Action." Implementation begins in 2015.

  4. Obesity Initiative

    UGA establishes the Obesity Initiative, led by Cliff Baile, to develop obesity prevention and treatment programs. Leann Birch is named the new director in 2017.

  5. Online courses

    Eight online courses are developed.

  6. Extension centennial

    Cooperative Extension across the country celebrates 100 years of the Smith-Lever Act.

  7. FACS Week

    The inaugural FACS Week is held to celebrate FACS and the future of families.

  8. Destination Dawgs

    Five students are admitted into the inaugural Destination Dawgs program, an inclusive, postsecondary program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

  9. Countdown to Centennial

    The college hosts a homecoming tailgate in October in what serves as the countdown to the FACS centennial year in 2018.

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