Build on excellence in undergraduate education by increasing student involvement, enhancing academic advising, providing the learning environment necessary to ensure that programs of study are relevant to today’s needs, extending student recruitment to reflect a diverse student body and recruiting the best and brightest students.

Benchmark 1: Create innovative programs of study:

A: Evaluate the need for new majors, minors and emphases in the college.
B: Provide increased experiential learning opportunities such as the Legislative Aide Program, student organizations, service learning, and internships.
C: Integrate opportunities for undergraduate research into the curriculum.
D: Evaluate existing study abroad programs and explore adding new programs.
E: Increase student participation in study abroad.
F: Integrate global and diverse perspectives into course goals.
G: Develop and strengthen collaborations with other schools and colleges.
H: Maximize class enrollments while maintaining the effectiveness of instruction.

Benchmark 2: Enhance the effectiveness of academic and career advising:

A: Foster student-to-student mentoring.
B: Implement findings from the UGA advising survey completed by students.

Benchmark 3: Strengthen student recruitment to reflect a diverse student body:

A: Increase undergraduate enrollment by recruiting the best and brightest undergraduate students.        
B: Increase the diversity of the college’s undergraduate enrollment.

Benchmark 4: Increase student involvement in curricular and co-curricular activities:

A: Increase student membership in professional organizations.
B: Foster opportunities to socialize between majors and organizations within the college.
C: Increase opportunities for students and faculty to interact outside the classroom.
D: Maintain leadership roles in campus organizations.
E: Provide appropriate space for student meetings.