Invest in current and emerging areas of research excellence in Georgia and the world.

Benchmark 1: Position the College as a hub of state, national and international excellence in family and consumer sciences related research:

A: Increase faculty research stature through increased journal publications and presentations at national and international conferences.
B: Increase funding for research from federal and non-federal resources.
C: Explore opportunities for collaboration with colleagues across campus and at other institutions.

Benchmark 2: Hire and retain faculty with a significant focus on current or emerging excellence in FACS’ areas of research:

A: Identify emerging research areas when hiring new faculty and staff.
B: Designate additional resources for supporting faculty in identified areas.
C: Establish a formal mentoring program for junior faculty.
D: Provide awards for excellence in research conducted by junior faculty.

Benchmark 3: Provide fiscal and technological infrastructure to conduct cutting edge research in the new College of Family and Consumer Sciences building.