Serve the citizens of the state of Georgia through educational programs and community partnerships.

Benchmark 1: Increase public awareness of College of Family and Consumer Sciences programming through Cooperative Extension and outreach programs:

A: Address parenting and child development educational needs in Georgia.
B: Provide educational programs in cooperation with government agencies and private partnerships to enhance financial stability in Georgia.
C: Improve the health of Georgia citizens through nonformal education and outreach in nutrition, fitness and food safety.
D: Provide educational programs that enhance the quality of housing and healthy living environments among Georgia households.
E: Collaborate on developing multi-discipline programs such as the ASPIRE clinic that engage the citizens of Georgia in opportunities for strengthening families and communities.

Benchmark 2: Involve university students in outreach in Georgia and beyond:

A: Engage students in service learning.
B: Encourage internships through Cooperative Extension and other outreach programs.

Benchmark 3: Explore alternative funding partnerships to increase the number of College of Family and Consumer Sciences Cooperative Extension agents in the state.