Improve faculty and staff recruitment, retention and development.

Benchmark 1: Recruit outstanding faculty and scholars:

A: Establish additional endowed professorships and chairs.
B: Identify top scholars in emerging areas.

Benchmark 2: Retain outstanding faculty:

A: Earmark additional resources for faculty conducting research in identified areas of excellence.
B: Increase the internal grant program funding to support research.
C: Evaluate instructional, research and service loads to enhance productivity and  achieve balance.
D: Develop a matrix to determine productivity for merit pay increases.

Benchmark 3: Ensure the diversity of the faculty in the broadest sense:

A: Continue to support racial, ethnic, and gender diversity.
B: Recruit from a variety of institutions and areas of specialization.

Benchmark 4: Ensure that adequate staff are available to support the College.

A: Provide development opportunities for staff to keep current in today’s environment.
B: Support the racial, ethnic and gender diversity of the staff.
C: Consider current staff for promotions and reclassifications within the college.