The 2010-2020 Strategic Plan provides the blueprint for action around the seven strategic directions of the university’s Strategic Plan 2020.

Seven Goals

  1. Build on excellence in undergraduate education by increasing student involvement, enhancing academic advising, providing the learning environment necessary to ensure that programs of study are relevant to today’s needs, extending student recruitment to reflect a diverse student body and recruiting the best and brightest students.
  2. Build on excellence in graduate education by increasing funding, providing flexible course offerings, and establishing collaborations across colleges.
  3. Invest in current and emerging areas of research excellence in Georgia and the world.
  4. Serve the citizens of the state of Georgia through educational programs and community partnerships.
  5. Improve faculty and staff recruitment, retention and development.
  6. Enhance the physical and technological environment and capabilities to meet the needs of our students, faculty, staff and constituents.
  7. Improve stewardship of natural resources and advance the college’s dedication to sustainability.


The college is governed by a set of Bylaws, Policies and Procedures, and several committees. The Faculty Advisory Committee advises the Dean and associate deans and the Staff Council provides a sounding board for staff to communicate to the college and university administration. 

The Organizational Chart of the college and the Dean’s Unit identify the leadership of the college.