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Heat Things Up This Summer!

What better way of saying, “I love you” than signing up for an Elevate workshop

ELEVATE is a no cost relationship education program for all couples in committed relationships.

The biggest take away I had from Elevate was an increased attention to pausing in my day-to-day life to appreciate my partner for who she is and to give much more attention to her strengths. Participating in Elevate has encouraged me to be more direct in my communication and to be more active in showing affection for my partner.

2021 Participant

A lot of our couples share with us that they took the ELEVATE journey because they wanted to improve how they communicate and manage conflict. Sometimes we tend to forget that relationships also need to foster friendship and positive experiences together. ELEVATE will help you develop and strengthen the skills you need to make your relationship thrive.

Who are we?

Our team at the University of Georgia has partnered with UGA Extension and other community agencies across Georgia to provide ELEVATE at no-cost to all Georgia couples in committed relationships. We’re able to do this thanks to federal funding from the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families (ACF). Whether you are married or unmarried, our mission is to provide all couples, like you, with support to enhance couple functioning and strengthen relationships.

What do we offer?

We want to help all couples thrive. Even though our classes are free, we know your time is not. That is why, throughout your ELEVATE journey, you and your partner can earn up to $350 in Amazon gift-cards by completing the program and a series of surveys. It really does “pay” to elevate your relationship!

What to expect

During our 12-hour ELEVATE program, you and your partner will engage in fun activities with other couples and learn skills you can use to:

  • Better manage stress
  • Strengthen your connection with each other
  • Deal with differences in healthy ways
  • "Elevate" the quality of your relationships

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What do classes look like?

We have in-person workshops available in select counties across Georgia. You can also participate from the comfort of your own home with our virtual workshops. Both formats include 12 hours of guided activities, lively discussions, and lots of time to connect with each other.

And, because it “takes two” to make a relationship work, BOTH partners must participate. We have a huge team of passionate trained facilitators eager to help your love flourish.

It “Pays” to Elevate your Relationship

The more classes you both attend, the more you receive.

  • Up to $160 e-gift card per couple for completing all 8 sessions.
  • Up to $95 in e-gift cards for each partner who participates in the research study at the end of the program.

We offer these incentives because, again, we want every couple to thrive. We want to take away every possible roadblock that would keep you from taking part in these classes. We know the classes are free, but your time is not.

How can I sign up?

  1. First, click “Apply Here!” and fill out some basic information like your name and what class format you are interested in.
  2. After you submit your interest form, look for an email from us with a link to a 6-minute orientation video. Watch it to learn more about what to expect during your ELEVATE journey!
  3. Next, one of our friendly staff members will give you a call to learn more about you and your partner. This will probably be a few days after you submit your application, so no need to worry.
  4. Once you select the workshop that works with your schedules, we will send you and your partner a link to a registration form. The information you share on this form will help our team better understand how we can best support your relationship. 
  5. Lastly, we will give you one more phone call to finish your registration and confirm your spot in the workshop.

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Not quite ready to take the jump? Listen to some of our past couples talk about their experience and what they love about Elevate workshops!

Apply for a workshop and join the hundreds of other Georgia couples we have already helped to achieve their relationship goals!

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