Brain Development

Helping adults nurture healthy brain development in children

Brain development is far from complete at birth. The brain’s structure is built and refined in the early years of life, based on the child’s early experiences. Babies and young children need nurturing relationships, engaging experiences, and a safe and secure environment in order to develop a solid foundation for later learning and development. Adults who understand early brain development are better prepared to provide sensitive, responsive care and positive experiences for young children.

UGA Extension provides education and resources on early brain development for families, child care providers, and others who care for children.

Better Brains for Babies

Want to learn more about how the brain develops, or find out how best to nurture your child's growing brain? Check out Better Brains for Babies (BBB), a Georgia-based collaboration co-led by UGA Extension and dedicated to educating Georgians about the importance of early brain development.

Building Baby's Brain

Wondering how to support early brain development? Take a look at this series of publications on the most recent brain research, with information and tips for families and caregivers. Topics include brain basics, prime times for learning, language development, and many others.

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