Early Childhood Development

Helping families support and guide your young child's development

The early childhood years are a crucial time when young children are building their thinking, language, motor, social, and emotional skills. Caring for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers can be challenging, because they are full of energy and change so quickly. UGA Extension hasresources to help parents and grandparents understand early childhood development.

Guide for New Parents

Becoming a parent can be stressful. The Guide for New Parents has practical tips and information to help new parents adjust to your responsibilities.

Principles of Parenting

Learn how to build family strengths, enjoy each child as an individual, guide children's behavior, and more.

Better Brains for Babies

Want to learn more about how the brain develops, or find out how best to nurture your child's growing brain? Check out the early brain development resources of Better Brains for Babies.

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