Teen Development

We help professionals, parents, and caregivers foster the development and safety of school-age and adolescent youth.

School-age and adolescent youth thrive in family and community environments that are rich in developmentally appropriate assets. Some of these assets include building relationships with caring adults, learning communication and conflict management skills, understanding expectations for behavior, providing opportunities for involvement and leadership, and having positive connections to school. College of Family and Consumer Sciences Cooperative Extension works with communities to support the development of these assets and positive youth development.

Positive Youth Development

We work with our partners in Georgia 4-H to help youth learn, grow, and work together as catalysts for positive change.

Parenting Education

How do I communicate with my teenager? How can I teach my fifth grader to be responsible?

Healthy Teen Relationships

Is my teenager ready to date? How do I talk to my teen about relationships? What about sex?!

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