Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Helping seniors as caregivers maintain a productive life.

FACS Extension provides educational resources to help seniors and their caregivers understand the changes of aging and plan for maintaining wellness and providing caregiving as needed.

Seniors (generally defined as persons age 65 and older) are the fastest-growing age group in Georgia, the US and the world. These changes have tremendous implications for senior caregiving by families and communities, as well as for comfortable housing options, financial security, and wellness.

  1. Moving Your Grandchild Into Your Home
  2. Helping Grandchildren Stay in Contact with Parents
  3. Caring for Yourself
  4. Helping Your Grandchild Deal with the Death of a Parent
  5. What You Need to Know about Abuse and Neglect
  6. Accessing Resources in Your Community
  7. Legal Issues in Caring for Your Grandchildren
  8. Caring for Infants and Toddlers
  9. The Teenage Years
  10. Helping Your Preschooler Be Ready for School
  11. Helping Your Grandchildren Succeed in School
  12. Fun Learning Activities for You and Your Grandchildren
  13. Child Care Concerns
  14. Disciplining Your Grandchild
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