We Help Our Participants

  • Improve their diets
  • Improve their nutrition practices
  • Stretch their food dollars farther
  • Handle food more safely

Fast Facts

In FY 2013, EFNEP reached 4,848 adult participants directly and 18,265 family members indirectly. A total of 4,037 low-income youth were reached through our youth program. Of the participants, 74% are minorities and 41% received public assistance.

At least 75% of EFNEP adult participants are parents, and 47% of their children were under the age of 5. Educating the parents who decide on food purchases and meal preparation in their homes can improve the health of entire families.

EFNEP has been funded by Congress for over 40 years because it has demonstrated impact.

After completing the EFNEP program, participants are:


• The average intake of fruit increased by 50%, from 0.6 cups to 0.9 cups a day.

• The number of participants consuming over 4 cups of fruit a day more than doubled.

• The average consumption of vegetables and of dairy increased by ~20%.

• Participants practiced better food safety, and were 2.5 times less likely to thaw foods unsafely.


• The number of participants reporting over 60 minutes of daily physical activity almost doubled.


• The number of participants always checking nutrition labels almost tripled.

• The number of participants always practicing money saving behaviors such as comparing prices and shopping with a grocery list increased by about 50%.

• The number of participants who always ran out of food by the end of the month decreased by half.