MOB Coaches must attend an 8-hour training held either on one full day or split between two consecutive days. To gain and maintain certification MOB Coaches must co-facilitate their first 8-session workshop within 6 months (3 months is preferred), and co-facilitate one workshop every six months thereafter.

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  5. Are you able to commit to co-leading one workshop (2 hours once a week for eight weeks) within six (6) months of completing the Lay Leader Training? Yes No
  6. Are you able to commit to co-leading at least two workshops (2 hours once a week for eight weeks) each year to maintain certification and for the duration of at least two years? Yes No

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Matter of Balance Coach Agreement:

You cannot teach the course until you have attended the Matter of Balance Coach Training. Trainee coaches are required to make a commitment to teach at least two workshops in the State of Georgia. Matter of Balance Coaches must teach the workshop only as outlined in the course manual.

I agree to the above, and I will teach in strict accordance with the course as written in the Coach Handbook and as taught at Coach training.