We help child care providers and families teach nutrition and physical activity to 3- to 5-year olds.

UGA Extension is improving young children’s health and well-being by helping child care providers and families teaching nutrition and physical activity concepts in ways that preschoolers can understand. Eat Healthy, Be Active is an initiative to improve young children’s health and well-being by teaching key nutrition and physical activity concepts. The initiative focuses on families and early childhood settings, including preschool, kindergarten, child care, and early learning classrooms, as well as family child care homes. Our goal is to increase 3- to 5-year old children’s knowledge of healthy eating and physical activity by teaching them key concepts through hand-on, developmentally appropriate activities.

Key Concepts for Young Children

All components of Eat Healthy, Be Active are built around five key concepts that preschool-age children can understand and begin to follow:

  1. ​ Eat breakfast
  2. ​ Eat a variety of food
  3. ​ Stop eating when you're full
  4. ​ Drink water 
  5. ​ Be physically active

Components of Eat Healthy, Be Active

  • Fifteen theme-based days of hands-on activities for early childhood settings (organized into a flexible 3-week schedule)
  • Weekly review activities to reinforce the concepts over the year
  • Family involvement materials to expand children’s and families’ learning at home
  • Teacher training and support
  • Ongoing evaluation

Online Discussion Groups

The Eat Healthy, Be Active website includes online discussion groups, where teachers, families, students, and others can talk about issues related to nutrition and physical activity for young children. Sign up and join the discussion, or create your own group to talk about a topic that especially interests you.

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