For the past three years the Georgia Healthy Homes Coalition and the Rural Georgia Healthy Housing Advisory Board have worked together to provide information about how you can reduce environmental contaminants and create a healthier home.  Each day will focus on a different topic.   

  • Oct. 4    - Injury Prevention in the Home
  • Oct. 5    - Managing Pests in Your Home
  • Oct. 6    - Asthma Awareness
  • Oct. 7    - Mold and Moisture Management
  • Oct. 8    - Asbestos Management
  • Oct. 9    - Chemical Hazards in the Home
  • Oct. 10  - Lead Poisoning Prevention
  • Oct. 11  - Food Safety in the Home 
  • Oct. 12  - Disaster Preparedness in Your Home
  • Oct. 13  - Water Quality for the Home
  • Oct. 14  - Healthy Homes

Working together to improve the health and well-being of children and families. Thank you to the participating organizations.

Learn more about making your home healthier at

Video: Asthma: Control Triggers in Your Home

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