What changes are you willing to make to become more environmentally conscious? What prompts you to make those decisions – concern for the environment, health, money or a combination of those factors? Take the green quiz to determine what shade of green you are.

  1. I check to see if something can be recycled before I throw it away
  2. When given the choice of buying a product made from recycled paper or new paper, I choose the recycled paper product
  3. I compost frequently
  4. I use rechargeable batteries
  5. I take my own cloth shopping bags to the store
  6. When given a choice of buying an organic apple or non-organic apple, I choose the organic one
  7. I would choose low-VOC interior paint over regular paint
  8. I research companies and invest in those with environmentally responsible practices
  9. I buy environmentally sensitive cleaning products or make my own low-toxic products
  10. I don't use pesticides inside my home
  11. I tested my home for radon
  12. I don't let the faucet run when brushing my teeth or shaving
  13. I collect rain water in a rain barrel or other container to use for watering plants
  14. I have shortened my showers to 5 minutes
  15. I have replaced at least half of the light bulbs in my home with compact fluorescent light bulbs
  16. I turn the lights off when I leave the room for more than minutes
  17. If given the opportunity, I would install solar or wind energy in my home
  18. I will spend a little more for an environmentally sensitive product
  19. If I see an empty water bottle in a trash can that is next to a recycle bin, I will move the water bottle from the trash to the recycle bin.
  20. I encourage others to make environmentally conscious decisions