We provide free classes, newsletters and online courses to educate eligible Georgians so they can live make healthier choices.

Direct Education

Food Talk was modified from UGA EFNEP’s award-winning practice-tested Food Talk curriculum of the same name. It is a series of six in-person classes offered in 7 select counties across the state and features simple messages, interactive recipe demonstrations.

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Food eTalk is an online version of the Food Talk curriculum that consists of six interactive learning modules that are accessible by any internet connected device. Users learn how to manage limited resources to stretch food dollars, plan menus to reduce stress, and about other topics featured in the in-person Food Talk classes.

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Food Talk: Farmers Market is a modified version of the Food Talk curriculum designed at Farmers Markets across the state. Lessons are short to address the unique situations for teaching that are presented at Farmers Markets. 

Food Talk Better U

Food Talk: Better U is a new curriculum developed by Registered Dietitians on the UGA SNAP-Ed team. It is a series of 4 in-person lessons that focus on physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle, small shifts that turn into big health gains over time, and reducing added sugars in the diet. Food Talk: Better U was piloted in Bartow County during 2016 and is offered in the same select counties as Food Talk.

Food eTalk: Better U is an interactive online version of the Food Talk: Better U.

Social Marketing

SNAP-Ed's Social Marketing utilizes print media, modern technology, and popular communication channels to provide information designed to educate Georgians and influence voluntary positive behavior changes. Social Marketing can be found on:

  • Print newsletters, fliers, and posters across the state
  • E-mail newsletters for those who join our website or sign up with Program Assistants
  • Radio and Billboard advertisements across the state
  • Online video and static media content
  • Social media messaging and interaction

Policy, Systems, and Environment (PSE)

PSE interventions often seek to effect an environment (like a grocery store or a school) so that healthy choices are more practical and readily available. Healthy Child Care Georgia (HCCG) is a multi-level intervention to help early care and education (ECE) programs improve practices to reduce children’s risk of obesity through a combination of policy changes and direct education for teachers, children, and families. ECE programs in Healthy Child Care Georgia are working to make environmental and policy changes related to nutrition and physical activity. The teachers in these programs are also implementing a 6-week age-appropriate curriculum to teach nutrition and physical activity to 3- to 5-year-olds, and are involving the families of these children through weekly newsletters and take-home family backpacks. The project is currently focused in Clarke County, Georgia.