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The BFO strives to provide excellent financial and administrative service, support and stewardship to the College. Our core values include: integrity, teamwork, transparency, and confidentiality.



For Employees



  • We have re-arranged offices within the BFO Suite 210 for the new fiscal year and for our new employee, Brooke Salter. Below are the new seating arrangements for our suite: 

    • Rm A1 – Lynn Woodall                                   alk@uga.edu                                      706-542-3385
    • Rm A2 – Jen MacDonald                                jennifer.macdonald@uga.edu
    • Rm B – Jenny Ramsey                                    jdramsey@uga.edu                             706-542-4880
    • Rm C – Brooke Salter                                    mbsalter@uga.edu
    • Rm D – Amy Fricks                                        amy.fricks87@uga.edu
    • Rm E – Debbie Christopher                          debbie78@uga.edu
    • Suite Reception – Hannah Gerrick                facsbus@uga.edu (student worker starting Aug 23rd)  
  • To comply with USG and UGA policies regarding financial reviews, I have updated our form for FACS. This form is also updated on our website. The form is very similar to the previous form but I have added a section for CBO comments.

    Please remember to download the form into a fillable pdf form if using from the website so the digital signature functionality and editing capabilities remain active and usable. Below are resources and helpful links.

    UGA Policy: https://policies.uga.edu/pdf/account_status_reports.pdf

    UGA Guidehttps://onesource.uga.edu/_resources/files/documents/financial_review_and_analysis_guide.pdf

    USG Policy: https://www.usg.edu/policymanual/section7/C444

    FACS Financial Review Form: https://www.fcs.uga.edu/docs/FACS_FINANCIAL_REVIEW_FORM.pdf

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