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For Employees



  • UGA is still working to identify opportunities to address other pay bands compression issues.

    Below is a list of details:

    • This is in ADDITION to the pay increases effective July 1, 2021
    • FAQ are available
    • This round of increases is effective October 1, 2021
    • Applicable to active Benefit Eligible Employees within pay bands below
    • The hourly rate increase is applicable to hourly employees including student workers (18T, 18W)
    • Experience in position or time at UGA is not a factor
    • Increase calculated on base salary or base hourly rate (excludes supplements or additional pay)
    • UGA is self-funding this initiative
      • UGA will provide funding for employees funded by B units or Residential Instruction including UGA IDC
    • For external or income funded employees, the expectation is that the original source of funding is to absorb the increase
    • Per SPA, grants should be including a 3% escalation increase for each grant proposal to help migrate these types of increases
    • The College does have funding to support units with funding constraints (reach out to Jenny)
    • New employees starting after October 1st are eligible for the pay increase; however, funding must be unit or grant funded and follow the RSA process

    No action required at this time. Lynn Parham or I will share an additional information as we receive it. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Please feel free to share information within your department or unit.

  • In order to comply with our audit requirement of keeping our sponsored projects records for at least 7 years after a project closes, we are instituting a new policy and procedure for saving grants records on the R:Drive. This change will help us adhere to UGA’s records retention policy and be good stewards of our grants documents.

    From now on, please copy all relevant documents, reports, cubes and emails for each grant within your department to the new folders on the R:Drive. Folders can be found here:  R:\ Financials \ Grants \ either Active, or Closed. This will replace saving these items under the !FY folders. Also note that multiyear projects, which now have different project IDs for each year, will be housed under one master folder with “XX” at the end of the project ID.

    For example, emails, cubes and documents for Dr. Henes’ FoodMASTER Initiative grant, both year 1, 08.01.20 to 07.31.21,  RNIUN0001287401, and year 2, 08.01.21 to 06.30.22, RNIUN000128742A, will be contained in the master file called “Henes _ RNIUN00012874XX _ 08.01.20 to 06.30.22”

    If a folder does not yet exist, please notify the Post Award Grants Lead and one will be created for you. NOTE: this new policy only applies to new grants and award increments starting in FY22.

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