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  • I wanted to share a short video and a few articles regarding accountability and how to apply this character in the workplace. We often think of leadership as making all of the correct decisions all of the time. But it is not. Good leadership involves role modeling, accountability, encouraging others, imperfection and serving others.

    • Accountable is defined as (of a person, organization or institution) required or expected to justify actions or decisions; being responsible.
    • Responsible is defined as having an obligation to do something, or having control over or care for someone, as part of one’s job or role.

    Resource Links:

  • Below is a tip from Harvard Business Review titled “How to Keep Your Hybrid Employees Engaged” that I would like to share with the collective team. Happy Friday!

    How to Keep Your Hybrid Employees Engaged

    How can you give your hybrid team both the autonomy and the flexibility they want while also encouraging togetherness? More emails and long video meetings aren’t the answer. Take steps to foster emotional connection, team bonding, and fun to compensate for the loss of proximity in the office. First, have your team put together a working agreement that covers each member’s needs — for example, when they work and how often they need to meet — so they can better support each other. Then, check in on your team members regularly, over email, chat, or in real time on the phone or video. Third, plan regular in-person offsites for collaboration-heavy work. Next, to make up for the lack of smiles, nods, and other nonverbal cues that indicate appreciation, celebrate the small wins and praise your team members frequently. Finally, get creative about sharing experiences together. You could arrange to watch a virtual musical performance together or share the same kind of meal on the same day.

    This tip is adapted from Keeping Hybrid Employees Engaged,” by Clara Shih

  • Did you know that the University is undergoing a comprehensive compensation review of staff salaries? This  project began in February 2022 and implementation is expected to be underway by June 30, 2023. UGA is working with an outside firm. The goal is to ensure job and market salary competitiveness, effective policies, procedures and fiscal responsibility, an evaluation is needed of the University’s present classification and compensation structure. 

    Expected results:

    • Compensation study: Complete a broad-based compensation study comparing UGA salaries to the market (both in and outside of higher education). View the higher education peer group here
    • Salary benchmarking: Develop target percentile/range as a market salary benchmark, based on peer aspirant groups in higher education. Develop a process to review salary ranges regularly by job classification. 
    • Tools for promotion and progression: Develop systems and tools to assist with career progression and promotions. Provide guidance for job movement across the institution and identify the corresponding compensation actions.
    • Sustainability: Ensure that all policies and procedures are consistent with the new structure. Identify surveys to support the compensation structure and ongoing requests for salary adjustments. 
    • Address ongoing challenges: Develop strategies, policies and procedures to address staff compensation challenges. Identify opportunities that will enhance the critical role of UGA staff in supporting UGA's core teaching, research, outreach and student life missions, while ensuring resources are not diverted from the core mission.
    • Learning and development: Develop training plans focused on career progression on a job function/family basis that give employees the skills and knowledge required to progress through the university.

    A final report will be presented to the University late this Fall. This is an important project for our staff community. We want to retain and develop good talent.

  • Don’t forget about resources available to us at UGA. Recently, University Human Resources (UHR) has added new material so we are highlighting Building Winning Teams .

    Categories include:

    • Recruiting – recruit top talent
    • Engaging – engage in meaningful mission and build extraordinary culture
    • Growing – grow top performers

    Please feel free to share within your teams. 

  • Food and Business-Related Entertainment

    Accounts Payable needs your help! AP must be able to cross-reference expense reports and payment requests that involve the purchase of food to the allowable categories on the Food Reference Chart.

    • Verify funding source
    • Verify documentation requirements
    • Verify the transaction is recorded using the appropriate account code

    Payment Requests: Units should start including the applicable category from the Food Reference Chart AND business purpose on requests. AP will be sending back requests that do not include this information. Effective July 1, 2022: AP will be restructuring Expense Types in the Expenses Module. We will remove expense types E-Entertainment, O-Grp Meals Non-Travel Emp, and O-Grp Meals Non-Travel Non-Emp. We will add the new expense type category F-Food Purchases with the following expense types:

    • F-Food for Official Research
    • F-Food for Organizational Mission
    • F-Sanctioned Student Events
    • F-Classroom & Academic Programs
    • F-Student Recruiting Events
    • F-Volunteer Events
    • F-Safety Products
    • F-Education or Business Mtg
    • F-Hosted Conference & Workshop
    • F-Employee Group Meals
    • F-Contract Hospitality
    • F-Business Related Entertainment

    Accounts Payable is introducing a new, optional Food Reference Smartsheet: This is not required by AP; it is meant to be a tool to assist departments with document preparation.

    Questions?  Contact

  • We have made some minor changes to the Special Funding Request Form. The form will also be updated on the website. The changes are primarily on the bottom half of the form to accommodate BFO processing.

    If you have any questions, please contact us.

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