Leadership and credit for this body of work goes to 31 College of Family and Consumer Sciences Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) members and staff who over three years (2012-2015) were instrumental in discussing, writing, reviewing and supporting the surveys and focus groups of the college’s diversity and inclusion initiative. We were aided in this process by Dr. Janette Hill, College of Education, and her graduate students.

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A brief look at our history is below. For a more detailed look, see Development.

  • Diversity Plan Started

    The college Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) asked Dr. Michelle Garfield Cook, Associate Provost for Institutional Diversity, to advise our efforts. The FAC committed to assess, review, prioritize and develop strategies to support implementation.

  • Diversity Statement Adopted

    FACS Faculty Advisory Committee drafted and voted to adopt the Diversity Statement for the college and develop the Diversity web page.

  • Diversity Award Established

    The FAC established a new college-wide competitive award for staff or faculty to be nominated the Super-Includer Diversity Award. First awarded in 2013 to Bonnie Bergland, FHCE; 2014 to Bev Hull, FDN; and in 2015 to Bill Flatt, FDN.

  • Diversity Certificates Earned

    The college promoted FACS participation in the UGA Diversity and Inclusion Certificate program. Our graduates include Carol Laws, Michael McGough, Jennifer Eberhart, Silvia Giraudo, Barbara Grossman, Marilyn Rodrigues, and Sherri Stephens.

  • Diversity Classes Taught

    In addition to earning Diversity Certificates, our faculty have taught Diversity classes. These instructors include Denise Lewis, Carol Britton Laws, and Tracy Rackensperger.

  • Conducted Climate Assessment

    To evaluate the climate as it relates to how the college is addressing diversity and inclusion, the college initiated data gathering via a survey to students, staff and faculty. A total of 457 responded.

  • Focus Groups Conducted

    Eight focus groups were promoted by the FAC between October 1st and November 19th for college-wide participation: faculty, staff, and students. An additional focus group was held with FACS administrators on December 11th.

  • Review + Feedback Gathered

    The Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) refined the Draft Plan for presentation and discussion at the FACS College Assembly.

  • Future Recommendations Made

    An ad hoc committee of the FAC and college should be put in place to assure implementation of the plan commences and that a dynamic speaker and presentation of the plan will frame our commitment to the Plan.