Oct '13: Conducted First Climate Assessment Survey

To evaluate the climate as it relates to how the college is addressing diversity and inclusion, the college initiated data gathering via a survey to students, staff and faculty in the fall of 2013. A total of 457 responded (73 faculty, 58 staff, 51 graduate students, and 275 undergraduate students).

The survey indicated that diversity was clearly addressed was in relation to how the college serves the public. In other areas the survey indicated that the college is doing in the range of great to somewhat okay to don’t know in addressing diversity in relationship to courses taught/taking, recruitment, mentoring and advising, and policies and procedures. Given the range of responses, it became clear that additional information was needed.

In 2014, the FAC initiated focus groups of students, staff and faculty to gather additional ideas and suggestions for addressing diversity in the college. Dean Fox approached Dr. Janette Hill, College of Education to continue working with the college in gathering feedback via focus groups to develop an action-oriented diversity plan.

Oct '14: Focus Groups Conducted

In fall 2014, eight focus groups were promoted by the FAC between October 1st and November 19th for college-wide participation: faculty, staff, and students. An additional focus group was held with FACS administrators on December 11th. Follow-up online surveys for interested individuals unable to attend were made available as well (n=27). The focus groups were conducted by Professor Janette Hill, and her doctoral students in the College of Education. Analysis and a final report were prepared by Dr. Hill; Beth Woods; Carol Buller-McGee; Carrie Bishop; Jen McGregor; Supriya Mishra; and Kali Neumann. 

The results from the analysis of the survey and focus group data are presented in the Family and Consumer Sciences Diversity Survey and Focus Groups: A Preliminary Report. The results are discussed by participant group in four major areas reflected in the questions:

  1. Courses, mentoring and advising
  2. Recruitment
  3. Serving the public
  4. Policies and procedures. 

Information on Focus Groups

Group Count
Undergraduates 10
Graduates 27
Staff 29
Faculty 17
Administrators 4
Gender* Count
Female 67
Male 20

Race/Ethnicity* Count
White 52
Black 13
European 4
Asian 3
Indian 2
Middle East 1

* Based on physical observation and/or revealed by the participant during the focus group


The Faculty Advisory Committee reviewed the Family and Consumer Sciences Diversity Survey and Focus Groups: A Preliminary Report prepared by Janette R. Hill et al. (Feb. 3, 2015). With further discussion and brainstorming, four (4) themes originally emerged to develop the action oriented diversity and inclusion plan:

  1. Recruit and Retain Diverse Faculty, Staff and Students: Raise awareness and effectively support, recruit and retain undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty and staff
  2. Reward and Recognize Individuals and Processes that Support Diversity and Inclusion: Make policy and structural changes in the college and develop partnerships between the college and other UGA diversity resources
  3. Community and Educational Outreach: Create training and enhance educational outreach opportunities that reflect the college’s values
  4. Visibility and Communication of Inclusion: Increase internal and external communications of our commitment to the values of diversity and inclusion


On March 6, 2015, the FAC established an implementation. The recommendations for the college were compiled in a Draft matrix (March 11, 2015) titled Diversity and Inclusion: A FACS Plan for Action based on these 3 Phases to provide a sense of urgency and motivation to begin implementation right away. 

  • Phase I: Immediate implementation, between April and August 15, 2015, beginning of fall semester
  • Phase II: Intermediate, between August 2015 and May 2016, the next academic year
  • Phase III: Longer Term, over the next two to three years

Apr '15: College Review and Feedback Gathered

On April 3, the Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) refined the Draft Plan for presentation and discussion at the FACS College Assembly, Tuesday, April 14, 2015. Input was gathered at department meetings and retreats and given to the FAC department representatives by the end of September 2015.

Recommendations included:

Implementation phases (1-3) are crucial. In addition, I believe the current list has the potential to be edited down to make sure that the college is focused in this process and not trying to do too much with only average results.”  
Member of the faculty 

Infusion of Diversity and Inclusion into the Curriculum and Academic Activities ... components of this are included in the four categories, but it may be best placed as its own category, thus elevating its critical importance in terms of the long-term work of diversity and inclusion in the college.
Michelle Cook, Associate Provost & Chief Diversity Officer, UGA

Oct '15: Commitment to the Plan

An ad hoc committee of the FAC and college should be put in place to assure implementation of the plan commences and that a dynamic speaker and presentation of the plan will frame our commitment to the Plan. This will occur in January 2016. The final edits were discussed and the Plan was accepted by the Faculty Advisory Committee, October 29, 2015.

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