Defining Your Listservs

We own several email lists that conveniently send to a list of people. Using FDN as a model, the lists are usually like:

  1. All
  2. Faculty
  3. Staff
  4. Graduate Students

Your People record determines which lists you're on. To edit your People record, go to our main directory, then click "Add/Edit Your Entry" at the top. After logging in, you'll see a personnel type list and departments list. These determine your listservs. Examples:

  • If your department is FDN and your personnel type is staff, you'll be on FDN lists All + Staff. 
  • If your department is FDN and your personnel type is faculty, you'll be on FDN lists All + Faculty.

Defining Somebody Else's Listserv

Expression Engine content authors have access to change People records of anyone in the college.

To make edits:

  1. Log into Expression Engine
  2. Under "Modify or Delete" in the middle, click "Entry"
  3. Type the first and/or last name of who you're looking for
  4. Open their record and click the Categories tab to view department and personnel type

If troubleshooting, it's worth verifying that their email is correct (Publish tab) and that their Status is set to Open (Options tab).