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Social Media Post

If you would like the SSAC student intern, who works with Cal and the social media accounts, to create and upload a post to the UGA FACS accounts, please answer these questions with as much detail as possible. Before requesting a post, please familiarize yourself with all UGA Brand Guidelines (brand.uga.edu/social-media/) as well as the social media guidelines found on the FACS Faculty and Staff Resources page. Thank you for your cooperation!

If you would like to post a series of posts, please complete a form for each date that you would like the posts to be uploaded to the accounts.

File limit: 10. Size limit: 26MB.
File limit: 7. Size limit: 10MB
Please make sure that grammar, spelling, and punctuation is correct as this will be copied and pasted into caption.
Include which account(s) to tag. Please be specific and include all relevant social media handles.
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