Fashion Merchandising at UGA

When you think “fashion” as your degree what comes to mind? Project Runway sewing deadlines, internships like The Devil Wears Prada, or maybe "this should be easy, I'll style clothes all day". We know! We hear it all the time. But let us debunk the myths and show you how beauty and business thrive together.

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Myth 1

You can't build a career with a Fashion Merchandising degree

Actually, demand is high

Demand for professionals with a bachelor's in fashion merchandising is rising, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Through 2020, employment is expected to increase by 19.8 percent.

When executives were asked, "What discipline would be the most effective pipeline for the next generation of leaders in retail?", they overwhelmingly chose Merchandising as number 1. (Arnold J. Karr, 2010 WWD “Future Leaders Need Different Skillset”).

Fashion Merchandising is one of UGA's 2018 Top 15 Undergraduate Earning Majors.

Jobs are plentiful

In the U.S., $250 billion is spent on fashion annually with over 2 million jobs.

88% of our 2018 graduates are employed full-time in the field, attending graduate school, or pursuing a post-grad internship.

These are real jobs of our most recent grads.

Assistant Accessories Editor

Fashion Snoops, NYC

Global Sourcing Coordinator

Concept Sports, ATL

Operations Manager

Cheeky Peach, ATH

E-commerce Coordinator

Tibi, NYC

Licensing Assistant

Carter's, ATL

Assistant Technical Designer

Revolve Clothing, L.A.

Textile Design Coordinator

Patagonia, CA

Digital Merchant Assistant

Macy's, NYC

We'll get you in the door before you graduate

We'll put you in the trenches of the fashion industry. This experience gives you the edge over the competition when you apply for a job. We'll give you opportunities to:

  • Intern with leading brands like Anthropolgie
  • Curate runway looks for fashion show production
  • Style and edit for a magazine publication
  • Run your own pop-up shop on the UGA campus

Myth 2

Fashion Merchandising is one of those easy majors

Actually, it's less dress up and more business than you think

Our courses engage you in business strategy, marketing and mangement in order to maximize sales. These timeless skills equip you to be competitive in today's market. The connection of business to fashion is what makes this major unique, but not easy.

The courses are demanding, but rewarding

Our courses will prepare you with a keen awareness of the fashion industry. From historical perspectives to current trend analysis, textile testing techniques and visual merchandising promotion, you will tailor your path as a fashion merchandising major.

Professional Development for the Fashion Industry

You'll meet over 20 fashion industry leaders right in your own classroom through dynamic panel discussions. You'll also perfect your resume, interview skills, professional dress, and networking abilities. With these skills developed you'll be prepared for the next big step: your dream internship.

Apparel Quality Analysis

You'll embark on a garment comparison project where you'll evaluate the quality of apparel, the same as the pros do in the industry. You'll identify key structural components so you can determine how it can be improved to beat the competition.

Retail Entrepreneurship

You'll play a key role in the execution of a student-run fashion business. Your team will conduct market research, secure financial capital, source merchandise, coordinate the visual merchandising, and execute a promotional plan to sell apparel and accessories on a pop-up golf cart on the UGA campus.

Industry leaders will challenge you

Fashion merchandising jobs are offered throughout the globe, from fashion capitals to local boutiques, so that's where we're going. We'll travel to places like New York and London to meet corporate executives so you can learn how to make money from industry experts.

We have had so much luck finding great interns and new employees straight out of fashion merchandising at UGA. All the candidates have been hard working and extremely intelligent in the facets of the fashion industry.
Katie Nichols
Katie Nichols
Entourage Clothing and Gifts

Now that we've gotten past the myths

What makes Fashion Merchandising at UGA unique?

You'll study around the world

Fashion is worth $1.2 trillion around the globe. What better way to understand the market than by going there?

In Peru you'll see the entire apparel supply chain

In Ghana you'll develop textiles to sell domestically

In England you'll intern at a London fashion business

In New York you'll network and tour corporate offices

In Tuscany you'll immerse in Italian culture and art

Our experts passionately help each student

UGA is a big university, but our experts will make you feel at home in the smaller classrooms of Fashion Merchandising. They'll be involved in your progress every step of the way, from joining student organizations, networking with alumni, making friends in the program, and placing you into the right internship.

Clair McClure

Working closely with students to find their fit in the fashion industry drives every class I teach and connection I make. As I prepare our students for internships from L.A. to Milan, I'm blown away by their diverse talents. They go on to have successful and long-lasting careers and I'm humbled to have a small part in that.

Laura McAndrews

Bringing real world product development and design knowledge into the classroom is something I do for my students. I use my nine years experience in the fashion industry at brands such as Ralph Lauren, Gap, and Anthropologie, to show my students what the industry expects of them and to prepare them for their careers.

Monica Sklar

After working in museums, media, and retail, I enjoy connecting students to history and culture with the modern merchandising world. My students dive into research projects about everything from designers to subcultures to advertising campaigns. We have so much fun exploring the intersections!

You can emphasize fashion design

Our Product Development and Design emphasis fine tunes your creativity to become reality. You'll develop design skills using the latest technology from our instructors who were industry professionals before coming to UGA. You'll tour local manufacturing and distribution facilities, learn design skills like sewing, draping and patternmaking in our state-of-the-art Product Development and Design Lab, and utilize CAD to take your designs to mass production.

...or you can emphasize fashion brand management

Our Fashion Brand Management emphasis brings together your analytical skills and creativity. You will learn to make high stakes decisions for fashion brands and could even run your own fashion business as a student. With a new Customer Experience Learning Lab you can explore the fast changing environment of fashion brands and understand customers' tastes across multiple fashion touchpoints.

Our network of employers will get you a job

The internship program for our fashion merchandising majors is well established.

The key to a job after graduation is a successful internship, so that's our top priority. Close to 80 company partners actively seek our students.

Our students have completed 190 formal internships from 2012-2017.

  • Dillard's
  • Roberto Cavalli
  • Stein Mart
  • Lela Rose
  • Cheeky Peach
  • Kohl's

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