Be sure to speak to the Pathway contact and read the application requirements before applying to the dual degree Double Dawgs pathway.

This application is for current UGA students in the Department of Nutritional Sciences only. You should meet with the Pathway contact and your advisor before applying to the program.

Please review the application form and have the required information available before you begin. This will prevent your session from timing out.

For email, you must use your official UGA email account. Email is used to communicate important information about your application. Be sure to check your email often.

Format: 000-000-0000

Grades- Applicants must have completed chemistry 1211/L and Chem 1212/L with grades of C or better and taken FDNS 2100.

By submitting this form, I acknowledge that I am applying to the dual degree pathway and not to a graduate program. I am aware that acceptance to the pathway does not guarantee my acceptance into the graduate program. I have read and understand the requirements for admission to the graduate program and I know that I will need to apply and meet the same standards for admission to the graduate program as any other applicant

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