We train and help community advocates to aid older Georgians age 60 and older and the disabled* in signing up receiving, and using their food stamp benefits.  We can provide help in the process of applying for or renewing SNAP benefits through a paper application, online, or Senior SNAP.  As a Georgia CAFE advocate, you receive a tailored training, access to staff for advocacy support, and up-to-date training application and materials.  *We have not provided a training yet specifically addressing the varied needs of the disabled but recognize that the same considerations in applying for benefits apply to both the groups we serve. We welcome any inquiries on developing one.

Summary of the Georgia CAFE Training Module

Topics at Georgia CAFE Trainings

  • Ways to Apply for Food Stamp (SNAP) Benefits
  • Determining the Best Way to Apply for Food Stamps
  • Understanding the Food Stamp Household Definition
  • Understanding Key Food Stamp Deductions
  • Determining Financial Eligibility
  • Calculating Potential Food Stamp Benefit Amounts
  • Using Food Stamp Benefits - EBT Card Activation, Usage, and Replacement

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Applicants and Current SNAP Recipients Can Use Your Medical Expenses

SNAP allows households to deduct unreimbursed medical expenses over $35 per month from their income in calculating their net income for SNAP purposes to more realistically reflect the income they have available to purchase food. This, in turn, could potentially qualify them for higher SNAP benefits. See our brochure to see what medical expenses are included.

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What do Applicants Need to Know?

See For Older Adults and Persons with Disabilities to learn more about the many ways current SNAP recipients and those interested in applying for benefits can access forms and applications for SNAP and renewal of SNAP benefits.

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Feel free to email us with your questions, suggestions, or comments.  Let us know if your organization is interested in serving as a community advocate or want to know more about how we do our work.